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Strengthen the environmental protection of scenic spots Lushan comprehensive "ban on white" and "ban on phosphorus"

according to the new regulations, the sale or use of disposable plastic tableware, plastic bags and other non degradable plastic products and phosphorus containing detergents will be completely prohibited in Lushan farmers' market, scenic spots, commercial spots, hotels and restaurants, especially in the automotive industry and the drinking industry. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the "white ban" work, Lushan administration has specially established a leading group for the "white ban" and "phosphorus ban" work. The departments of environmental protection, industry and commerce, law enforcement, health, tourism, publicity, public security, gardens, commerce and other departments shall cooperate with each other to jointly grasp and manage, and promptly investigate and deal with the sale or provision of disposable plastic tableware, disposable raincoats, plastic packaging bags and phosphorus containing detergents in violation of relevant regulations

at the same time, Lushan will also do a good job in the publicity of residents and tourists, improve the environmental awareness of residents and tourists, and vigorously advocate the use of paper bags, cloth bags, vegetable baskets and other environmental protection materials instead of plastic packaging bags; In hotels, restaurants and catering industry, it is not difficult to transport guest room supplies and meals to professional places at the foot of the mountain for washing, so as to ensure that the environment of Lushan scenic spot is not polluted

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