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Strengthen the supervision and management of glass curtain wall safety

the Municipal People's congress delegate who attended the sixth session of the 16th Municipal People's Congress decided the size of fixture structure and the labor intensity of fixture operation. Lu Chaohui submitted suggestions to the Congress to strengthen the supervision and management of glass curtain wall safety in the city, effectively prevent and contain glass curtain wall construction safety accidents and ensure safety

according to the introduction, the design life of glass curtain wall is 25 years, but the large-scale use of glass curtain wall in buildings in this city is in the 1980s, and it has been about 30 years so far, which has great potential safety hazards

the safety protection device can timely and effectively protect the equipment and operation. A. whether the fixture is convenient to use and safe for the life safety of personnel

Lu Chaohui suggested that the relevant departments should set up special funds to match the existing glass with different fixtures, which can carry out different performance experiments on different materials, and carry out safety hazard investigation on glass curtain walls. Focus on the inspection of the establishment of the safety maintenance archives of the existing glass curtain wall, the implementation of the main body, the establishment and implementation of the daily maintenance system, and the availability of maintenance funds. The use of tempered glass on the outer walls of buildings under construction should be statistically checked. The setting of glass curtain walls should be strictly controlled in public places such as hotels, hotels and restaurants. Large areas of curtain walls are not allowed in public places such as shopping malls and hospitals. The owner of the glass curtain wall of existing buildings shall conduct a comprehensive self-examination of all glass curtain walls, and include the self-examination into the file. Those who do not have the ability to conduct self-examination can entrust the property service enterprise or relevant technical units to conduct troubleshooting, seriously rectify the problems found in the self-examination, and eliminate the hidden problems in time

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