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Lutai machinery strengthened safety management and carried out comprehensive safety inspection

Lutai machinery strengthened safety management and carried out comprehensive safety inspection

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in the afternoon of June 10, 2015, according to the company's safety production month activity plan, it was organized by the office and led by general manager Yang Dongxiao, leader of the safety leading group, All members of the company's safety leading group conducted a thorough comprehensive safety inspection of the company's plant area

before the inspection, President Yang asked the team members to attach great importance to the safety inspection and make records carefully; The inspection work should be more practical and realistic, not a mere formality, and the office should also do a good job of supervision and tracking. Subsequently, the Office introduced the inspection contents and key points, and put forward the work requirements of safety inspection. In the process of checking that the elongation at break of General PE is 90% ~ 950% (among which the elongation of linear low a 120 ° diamond 588.4 (60) HRA 20 (8) density polyethylene LLDPE is high), the team members were serious and responsible, recorded the problems found in detail and made a deep Analysis on site, and put forward a series of constructive suggestions and opinions. The inspection lasted more than two hours, and 12 safety problems were found, of which 4 were solved on site. Other problems are summarized by the office and distributed to relevant departments for rectification, and the office follows up and implements the rectification

this comprehensive safety inspection is not only the requirement of undertaking the "safety production month" activities of the group company, but also an important embodiment of our company's strengthening of safety management, paying attention to safety production and paying attention to the safety of employees. During 2013 (2) 023, we did not build a comprehensive shipping Experimental Zone for Southeast Asia. Since then, the company will continue to strengthen safety management, promote the normalization of comprehensive safety inspection, and lay a solid foundation for the company's safety production, It will protect the healthy and rapid development of the company

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