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Siemens will build a new digital chemical plant in Nanjing

Siemens will build a new digital chemical plant in Nanjing

ZHU Jianyun

China Power News on December 14, Siemens numerical control (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. (SNC) signed an investment cooperation agreement with Nanjing Lishui Economic Development Zone to invest in the construction of a digital chemical plant in Nanjing, with an additional investment of more than 800million yuan on the basis of existing assets

as a new R & D and production base of SNC, the new plant will provide "digital twins" covering the whole life cycle of product design, production planning, engineering implementation, production, manufacturing and maintenance services by using Siemens' full range of digital enterprise technology in accordance with the design and operation concept of "industry 4.0". In addition, the new plant will realize advanced management with the help of Siemens' cloud based open IOT operating system mindsphere

snc's business has increased nearly 70 times since its establishment 22 years ago. The existing plant can no longer meet the rapid development needs of China and the Asia Pacific market. Therefore, SNC plans to expand production capacity

this will be one of Siemens' largest investment projects in the global R & D and production base in recent years. It will be used as an integrated factory to produce electronic products and motors at the same time

Li Lei, general manager of Siemens CNC (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., said that increasing investment in Nanjing reflects our confidence and commitment to the Chinese market. The new SNC base will become an important part of Siemens' global R & D and manufacturing network

according to the plan, the construction area of the new SNC base is about 70000 square meters, the production capacity will be doubled, and the capacity for further expansion will be reserved. After completion, SNC's existing capacity will be relocated to the new site. The new base will implement the LEED international green building Gold Award standard and become the benchmark of green environmental protection enterprises

large MW wind turbines welcome the era of bidding

5 MW wind turbines are applied in batches in Shanghai, and the single unit capacity of onshore wind power is moving towards 4 MW

Jian Yue

this year, the installed capacity of wind power in China has maintained an increasing trend from the definition. At the end of the year, the country's first "bidding" standard rules for offshore wind power and onshore wind power were officially released, The Guangdong Provincial Energy Bureau officially issued the "Guangdong Province offshore wind power project competitive allocation measures (Trial)" and "Guangdong Province onshore wind power project competitive allocation measures (Trial)", which will be implemented from January 1, 2019 for a trial period of three years. Ningxia also immediately issued the "bidding" standard rules, becoming a pioneer in promoting "bidding". The "bidding" of wind power around the country has gradually begun, laying the foundation for officially entering the "bidding" era in 2019

The arrival of the bidding era puts forward higher requirements for equipment. Gao Wei, deputy chief engineer of Datang renewable energy testing and Research Institute Co., Ltd., said that the four development directions of wind power in the future are large-scale, intelligent, offshore and energy storage. This year, the growth of new onshore wind power projects in China slowed down. In contrast, the installed capacity of offshore wind power increased significantly. With the increasing demand for equipment in the market, the large-scale fan is still the trend in the future. According to the data of the national energy administration, China's wind power capacity increased by 12.6 GW in the first three quarters, an increase of 30% over the same period in 2017, and the total volume reached 176 GW

strong growth momentum of offshore wind power

against the background of the slowdown in the growth of new onshore wind power projects, China's offshore wind power installed capacity has grown rapidly in the past two years, and reached a total installed capacity of 3.1 GW at the end of August this year. In the past two years, the state has continuously strengthened the development of offshore wind power construction. The first offshore wind power industrial park in China, Fujian Three Gorges Offshore Wind Power International Industrial Park, is under construction. The park includes host plants, blade plants, and fan supporting plants. After reaching the production capacity, it will realize the localization, high-end, and large-scale of the main components of the offshore wind power machine. At present, various projects are under construction. According to Zhang Yuhao, deputy general manager of Fujian Three Gorges Offshore Wind Power Industrial Park, after the completion of the industrial park, it hopes to become an industrial alliance, strive to build the industrial park into a world-class Wind Power Industrial Park, and catch up and surpass in offshore wind power technology

in addition, the world's first international high-power offshore wind power test wind farm, Fujian Xinghua Bay offshore wind power phase I project, has been completed. The 14 installed typhoon turbines come from eight domestic and foreign mainstream machine manufacturers, including Goldwind technology, haizhuang wind power, Taiyuan Heavy Industry, Mingyang intelligent, Dongfang wind power, Shanghai Electric, Xiangdian wind power, and Ge. It is understood that the offshore wind turbines provided by domestic machine manufacturers have become the main force of the wind farm, After a period of trial operation, the results show that domestic machine manufacturers have made great achievements in supplying wind turbines. As of October 20, the annual power generation of the Three Gorges Fuqing Xinghua Bay prototype offshore test wind farm exceeded 100million kwh, exceeding the 2018 annual power generation index issued by the Three Gorges group, and achieving a new breakthrough in the operation efficiency and benefits of the wind farm

from the analysis of the types of wind turbines installed in the test wind farm, at present, the types used in China's offshore wind power projects are mainly 5-6 MW series. According to the data of the Three Gorges Fujian Fuqing Xinghua Bay offshore test wind farm, Mingyang intelligent myse5.5/7.0 MW units are eye-catching in the Three Gorges Fujian Fuqing Xinghua Bay offshore test wind farm

high power wind turbines have become the future development direction of offshore wind power. On December 19, Shanghai Electric's first 7-megawatt offshore wind turbine was officially loaded and shipped to the Sanchuan offshore wind power project at Putou wharf, Fujian Province. The Sanchuan offshore wind power project will install Shanghai Electric's 7-megawatt offshore wind turbine. This offshore wind farm has become the first offshore wind farm in China to use more than 6-megawatt offshore wind turbines on a large scale. Xiangdian wind energy is also building 7 X series models of offshore wind turbine platform. Goldwind Technology launched GW MW wind turbine in October this year, which is the largest offshore wind turbine with a single unit capacity in China, with a power of 8 MW

from this point of view, offshore wind power is bound to go to the far sea and deep sea, and further large-scale wind turbines are the future development trend. The use of large-capacity offshore units is required for the centralized and large-scale development of offshore wind farms. It will effectively reduce the cost of kwh of wind farms, improve the overall economy of the scale development and utilization of offshore wind farms, and create more value for investors

onshore wind power aims at 3-4 MW units

the large-scale fan is the embodiment of technological progress. Whether the large-scale MW products can be recognized by the market in the future is the technical accumulation and R & D strength of the machine manufacturers. At present, the first tier machine manufacturers such as Goldwind technology, vision energy and Mingyang intelligent are at the forefront of the industry in terms of large-scale wind turbines, and these enterprises are expected to take the lead in the upcoming bidding era

the advantage of large MW fan is that it can significantly reduce the number of machine sites and save land acquisition. Behind the launch of new high MW power grade wind turbines by machine manufacturers is the objective demand for large-scale wind turbines, such as the pressure of wind power cost reduction and land resource constraints

in recent years, however, the workbench is relatively large, and the electricity price on the wind power benchmark has been reduced rapidly, and the bidding mechanism has put pressure on the wind power electricity price

insiders believe that the large-scale wind turbine can effectively reduce the initial investment cost, which is specifically reflected in the reduction of land use area, the cost of wind farm supporting facilities and transportation and construction costs. At the same time, it can save machine sites, which has an obvious advantage of saving land resources. Especially in the context of the upcoming domestic wind power bidding and parity, the wind turbine solution has advantages

Guo Ziming, the pre-sales technical support engineer of Vestas China, gives the following prediction for the future new models. At present, the market share of large MW wind turbines is increasing, and it is expected that this trend will be particularly obvious in 2020. The main units launched in Europe and the United States will be concentrated on the 4-megawatt platform, and the main models launched in China and India in the Asia Pacific region are the 3-megawatt platform. With the implementation of the bidding mechanism in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the wind turbines of 4-mw platform began to move slowly to 5-MW platform, and the development space of 2-MW in these regions has been very limited. From the perspective of Asia Pacific, most Chinese machine manufacturers have begun to launch 3-mW or even 4-mw wind turbines

the above prediction was confirmed at the international wind energy exhibition held in October this year, and Goldwind Technology launched gw 3 MW onshore medium and low wind speed units; The ultra-low kilowatt hour cost intelligent fan en-141/3.6 MW launched by vision energy is suitable for medium and high wind speed regions in northern China

this year, 4 MW wind turbines independently developed by many domestic machine manufacturers have been rolled out. Dongfang wind power and Mingyang intelligent also made new achievements in the field of 4 MW wind turbines. Mingyang intelligent has launched myse4.0 series of fans with a power of 4 MW, which can provide personalized solutions for the characteristics of wind resources in diverse land landforms; The 4-mw onshore direct drive wind turbine of dec-d has been completed and rolled off the production line. Recently, Yunda wind power also rolled off its self-developed 4 The first prototype of X MW platform

it is not difficult to see that in the next few years, domestic fan manufacturers will continue to promote the R & D and manufacturing of high-power fans and continue to catch up with and surpass the international advanced manufacturing level

On December 19, Sany Heavy Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sany Heavy energy") held a symposium with China nuclear New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CGNPC new energy"). Zhou Fugui, director of Sany group and chairman of Sany Heavy energy, warmly received and met with Li Jing, deputy general manager of China nuclear New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Nuclear new energy") and his party in the general office of Huilongguan headquarters. At this meeting, the leaders of Sany Heavy energy and CGNPC new energy reached an important consensus: they will establish a positive and stable cooperative relationship in the energy field, rely on and give full play to their respective advantages, fully mobilize their respective resources, and create a win-win development and new situation of cooperation in the "new era of bidding"

Zhou Fugui extended a warm welcome to the visit of CGNPC new energy and led a team to visit Sany Heavy energy Beijing Nankou Industrial Park. During the visit to the assembly workshop, Li Jing and his party had a comprehensive understanding and personal experience of Sany Heavy energy's modern manufacturing workshop, including the production and fitting of gear boxes, engine room assembly, commissioning and integration of control systems, etc. We have a new understanding of Sany energy's overall optimization in product design, production and quality

in the Symposium of the general office of Huilongguan headquarters, the two sides had in-depth exchanges on enterprise development, industrial trends and future cooperation opportunities. At the meeting, Li Jing put forward his views and suggestions on several aspects of the wind power industry, such as product production, quality process control, supply chain management, and key component assurance in the whole life cycle. In this regard, Sany Energy said that it would absorb opinions and actively cooperate with improvement to create more value for customers with an attitude of excellence

the domestic maximum power air-cooled doubly fed wind turbine was offline

Jin shuaini

China Power News on December 20, the first domestic maximum power air-cooled doubly fed wind turbine was successfully offline in CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CRRC Yongji motor") and successfully passed user 4 The full power drag test of X MW platform will be sent to Zhangbei test wind farm for test

it is understood that air-water cooling technology is mostly used for doubly fed wind turbines above 3 MW. For wind turbines, the manufacturing cost and failure rate of air-water cooling system are high

not in China before

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