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Siemens' 581million yuan wind power blade plant in China will be put into operation next year

as the leader of the global offshore wind power market, Siemens' 581million yuan wind power blade plant in China will be put into operation next year and supply to domestic and global markets

norn, CEO of Siemens wind power, said that Siemens wind power will continue to devote itself to the development and business growth in China's wind power sector by virtue of its high-profit products with high load utilization, high power generation and high reliability

noan made these remarks before the opening of the 2009 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and exhibition. Siemens will show its latest materials and technologies in the field of wind power at the exhibition. The exhibition was held in Beijing from October 21 to 23

in recent years, China's wind power market has achieved rapid development. Can the mechanical effectiveness of the hydraulic system of the universal testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. be brought into full play? By 2008, the installed capacity of wind power in China has reached 12.21 GW, accounting for 10% of the world's total, and the installed capacity ranks fourth in the world. It is estimated that by 2015, the annual growth rate of China's wind power installed capacity will be as high as about 30%

as Siemens' first wind turbine equipment manufacturing plant in China, Siemens wind power blade Shanghai Co., Ltd. has broken ground in Shanghai. Adjacent to Yangshan deep sea port, this factory is oriented to both the hinterland of China and the global market in terms of sea and land transportation, so that Siemens can better meet the needs of customers in Asian, European and American markets

it is reported that wind power is an important part of Siemens' business, accounting for about a quarter of its total revenue. At present, Siemens is expected to obtain about 200 million yuan of orders from China's economic stimulus plan, including researchers and engineers. In fiscal year 2008, Siemens China achieved sales revenue of 57 billion yuan and new orders of 65.5 billion yuan

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