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Behind Warburg Pincus' five consecutive years of "top ten excellent brands"

recently, the results of the current annual Top Ten selection of the digital audio-visual industry were grandly announced. Warburg Pincus was awarded the top ten excellent brands in the video conference industry in 2016 at the grand ceremony of the audio-visual industry selection, which is the fifth time that Warburg Pincus has won this honor

as the leader of domestic video conferencing, the development of green buildings will have important economic and social significance. Since 2011, Warburg Pincus has gained the reputation of the top ten excellent brands of video conferencing, and then has collected this honor for five consecutive years, with a maximum test frequency of 5 Hz. Such a series of battles, during which the mystery is self-evident - it is strength that creates a reputation

I. focus on creating professional quality

since its establishment in 2003, Warburg Pincus has always focused on the R & D and design of video communication products. It is really difficult to find a ticket, from video conference software to video conference hardware, from a single video conference to visual monitoring and command, from unified collaborative communication to various industrial application solutions. Each innovation of technology and products has opened up a broader development space for Warburg Pincus on the journey of video communication, and also created the professional quality of Warburg Pincus products and solutions

II. Innovation leads the development of the industry

Warburg Pincus attaches great importance to the cultivation of independent R & D and innovation ability, and always maintains a high proportion of R & D investment, promoting the continuous leadership of products and technology. As of December 2016, Warburg Pincus had more than 100 patents, including 47 invention patents. The audio/video engine independently developed by Warburg Pincus once broke the monopoly of foreign products and technologies in the Chinese market. After many optimization and upgrading, the audio/video engine continues to maintain the world's leading level, bringing users a more extreme video and audio experience

III. Video + refresh industry applications

Warburg Pincus vigorously explores the industrial innovative application of video + technology. Based on the three trends of immersive experience, enhancing social networking and business innovation, it actively integrates the leading core technology of video and audio communication with the businesses of various industries, creating a smart and safe city, visual emergency command, classroom, video bank A series of industry visualization application products and solutions such as digital operating room

IV. local service gives full play to its advantages

the perfect service system is one of the important factors for Warburg Pincus to gain user recognition. Warburg Pincus provides users with the most considerate and timely services before, during and after sales. In 2011, the construction of the national marketing service network was completed, making Warburg Pincus the first video communication enterprise with offices and service institutions in 31 provinces and cities in China, and giving Warburg Pincus the advantage of providing localized services for users across the country

as an enterprise that has been ranked among the top ten outstanding brands in the video conference industry for consecutive years, Warburg Pincus will continue to strengthen its brand building, improve its technological innovation ability and comprehensive service ability, and live up to the high recognition of Warburg Pincus by the industry, users and the media

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