The hottest Siemens wins from POSCO in South Korea

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Siemens won an order for special equipment and electrical systems from POSCO, South Korea.

Siemens metallurgical technology obtained an order from POSCO, South Korea, to provide special equipment, drive and automation systems for a cold annealing, pickling and belt polishing production line of strip steel in POSCO plant. The total order value of the project is about tens of millions of euros. These new equipment are designed to help the steel plant carry out the stainless steel strip treatment process. The whole project is expected to start production in the middle of 2009

POSCO is a leading steel manufacturer in South Korea, which produces about 30million metric tons of raw steel every year. The company currently operates two integrated production plants located in Pohang and Guangyang. POSCO's factory mainly produces stainless steel. In the transformation process of expanding its production capacity, POSCO is implementing the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator, and is building a new cold annealing, pickling and belt polishing production line for strip steel. Its products are designed to process about 400000 metric tons of austenitic steel and ferritic steel per year. The new production line will be able to handle cold strip steel with a width of 600 mm to 1350 mm and a thickness of 0.3 mm to 3 mm. The detection of the material change tester is slightly wider. The processing speed of the whole production line will reach 150 meters per minute

for this new treatment production line, Siemens is setting up a measurement and control system for friction and wear testing machine. Therefore, the measurement and control system has been developed rapidly and special equipment has been manufactured. If it can combine the good conductivity of graphene to prepare high molecular conductive functional materials, including skin polishing mill, straightening and leveling machine and edge cutting and shearing machine equipment, these equipment will be produced and manufactured in Siemens' montbrison factory in France. The scope of supply includes 270 sets of speed control AC drives, automation and operator control and visualization systems. All parts are part of the sirollpl solution platform for strip steel processing lines. Siemens is also responsible for the installation and commissioning supervision of all equipment

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