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Siemens will upgrade copper rod mill equipment for French cable manufacturers

modular cutting system will improve productivity

recently, the Metallurgical Technology Department of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. in the industrial business area signed a new order with nexen, a French cable manufacturer, to provide a set of modular cutting solutions for the copper rod mill equipment used in its plants in the French region of Lance. The project also includes the provision of an electromechanical solution package to achieve automatic operation mode. The new equipment can not only simplify the operation process, but also improve the output and production safety. It is expected that the new equipment will be commissioned in the third quarter of 2013

Siemens modular shear

nexen's copper rod rolling production line in lance has been in operation for 35 years, and the hydraulic crosscutting machine now in use will be replaced by a 4-blade rotary shear. The newly adopted shear is a standard product provided by Siemens, which can reduce the size of the existing cutting head by half, thus greatly improving the production rate. This equipment can also cut the head of the casting rod into an oblique shape to improve the feeding effect to the finishing mill. In addition, the automatic control system will reduce the steps of manual cleaning of stacking materials, so as to further improve the safety of operators. Siemens will provide a new gearbox, a new motor and a new shearer for this solution. These devices are all installed and connected on a common base plate, which is convenient for rapid installation on site. At the same time, nexen also ordered a set of electromechanical control package to integrate the new equipment into the main control system of the rolling mill. According to different final products, the rolling mill capacity will reach 30 tons per hour, and the annual rated productivity is expected to be 200000 tons

as a leading manufacturer in the global cable industry, nexen has production plants in 40 countries and businesses all over the world, providing a full range of cables and cable systems for infrastructure, industrial, construction and local area (LAN) markets. Nexen was founded in France in 1897, with 25000 employees worldwide, and its sales revenue reached 7.2 billion euros in 2012

Siemens modular shears. Nexen will install a similar equipment in the copper rod mill equipment in lance, France

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