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Siemens won the Expo's 8.5 billion yuan technology contract

the commercial value of low-carbon and energy saving is increasingly prominent. Luo Xude, global president and CEO of Siemens Co., Ltd., said recently that Siemens provided relevant technology contracts for the Shanghai WorldExpo with a total value of more than 1billion euros (about 8.5 billion yuan), 90% of which were related to environmental protection products and solutions

learned that the technology provided by Siemens has been widely used in more than 40 projects in the Expo Park. In the China Pavilion, Hamburg house, Germany Pavilion and one world Pavilion, Siemens showed solutions related to smart electricity, energy efficiency improvement, electric vehicles, as well as the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and German medical technology, and showed how these technologies help reduce emissions

use energy-saving building technology to build green landmarks

in the Expo Park, about 150000 LED lamps produced by OSRAM, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens, illuminate the exhibition hall and roads with soft red, gold and white trichromatic lights. These LED lamps can save 80% energy compared with ordinary incandescent lamps

Siemens also provided power distribution equipment and fire protection systems for the Expo site. The 66 meter high China Pavilion fully adopts Siemens' energy-saving building technology and has become a green landmark of the Shanghai WorldExpo. In addition, the infrastructure provided by Siemens will bring more convenient transportation and cleaner air and water to Shanghai

at present, the investment in the field of environmental protection in the whole Asian market, including China, has increased significantly, and the demand for environmental protection technology is more urgent, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the wind can completely match the shape of users' ears to generate electricity, low-carbon transportation solutions, energy-saving building systems, etc. Hao Ruiqiang, President of Siemens (China), established the innovation value chain and emphasized that Siemens should focus on developing China and India in the world. For example, Siemens technology has great potential in coal power, thermal power, high-speed transportation network and urban development intelligent technology

environmental protection business will account for 40% of China's business revenue.

Hao Ruiqiang said that Siemens strictly focuses on the general trend of the times to position its business. One of the major trends is climate change, which will make environmental protection technology a leading industry in the 21st century. It is estimated that Siemens' environmental protection related business revenue in the global market will reach 25 billion euros in 2011, and the environmental protection business revenue will account for about 25% of its global business revenue. The environmental protection business in the Chinese market will account for 40% of its total business revenue in China if high rigidity is an important requirement

some experts predict that the value of China's low-carbon market will reach $7 trillion by 2015. Luo Xude said that China's decision to reduce the carbon dioxide emission per unit of GDP by 40% - 45% by 2020 through the analysis of materials and simulation with Sigri experts will bring great business opportunities to Siemens' business in China

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