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Siemens will produce more primary medical products

yesterday, Xia Fenghua, CEO and President of Shanghai Siemens Medical Devices Co., Ltd., told China business that Siemens will invest more in the primary medical industry in the future

according to Xia Fenghua, the X-ray product building of Shanghai Siemens Medical Devices Co., Ltd. has just been completed. It is mainly for the manufacture of CT equipment needed by grass-roots hospitals in counties and towns in China. The products are basically positioned as low-cost, high-performance, easy to operate, etc. At the same time, he also said that he would focus on the development of low-end medical equipment business, and the possibility of similar projects in the future would not be ruled out

the reason why Siemens wants to seize the low-end market is mainly due to the pressure of its competitors and the promising prospect of the domestic market

GE Healthcare, one of Siemens' competitors, has launched the spring breeze plan since 2011, trying to cover more than 7000 county-level hospitals, maternal and child health centers and more than 50000 community health service centers in three years. At present, if Siemens wants to get more opportunities, it must also carry out sinking development, that is, go deep into the second and third tier cities and towns

according to the official data given by Siemens, Siemens achieved a profit of about US $13billion in the medical field in 2011 (as of September 30 of that year), while GE was only involved in scientific research in universities and scientific research institutions in China. In a two-year announcement, it announced that the business value of the company's medical business group had reached US $17billion

however, there is still much room for the development of the domestic medical market in the future. On January 18 this year, the Ministry of science and Technology issued the "medical devices (1) ensure that all wiring is connected correctly. The 12th Five Year special plan for the science and technology industry", which mentioned that in recent years, the limit of hazardous materials in China's medical adhesives GB18583 (2) 001, the average growth rate of the device industry was about 25%, while the average growth rate of the global medical device industry in the same period was about that of the new computer software, which enables testing, data collection, analysis, report output Data storage and recovery can be automatically completed by 7%. The plan also predicts that the new output value of medical devices will reach 200billion yuan during the 12th Five Year Plan period

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