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Siemens will subcontract power equipment orders of 13million kW to Shanghai Electric editor's note: at the general meeting of shareholders held by Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., a senior executive said that Siemens would transfer a total of 13million kW of power equipment orders to Shanghai Electric in the next four years (i.e. 2009-2013)

"under the influence of the financial crisis, China will undertake a large number of orders from overseas industrial enterprises." Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said this to CBN, which was fulfilled by Siemens Group, the world's largest industrial enterprise, yesterday

at the shareholders' meeting of Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., the largest domestic electrical equipment manufacturer, yesterday, a senior executive said that Siemens would transfer a total of 13million kW of power equipment orders to Shanghai Electric in the next four years (i.e. 2009-2013)

insiders believe that the transfer of a large number of orders to support the listing and relocation of leading enterprises in domestic and foreign capital markets can be seen as a major strategic adjustment of Siemens, with the purpose of reducing enterprise operating costs. In an interview with CBN last night, Siemens Group headquarters in Germany did not comment on this matter

Siemens is an important partner of Shanghai Electric in the manufacturing of electromechanical equipment. The main joint ventures of the two sides include Shanghai Voith Siemens Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Siemens switchgear Co., Ltd., Shanghai Siemens Gas Turbine Components Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Siemens power station complete equipment Co., Ltd. in addition, Shanghai Electric also has capital exchanges with Siemens Power Station Automation Co., Ltd

Shanghai Electric has announced that the company is seeking to increase the market share of advantageous industries such as thermal power equipment, heavy industry equipment and elevators, and will enter the overseas high-end thermal power equipment market by discussing further cooperation with Siemens Group

yesterday, according to the above-mentioned senior management of Shanghai Electric, it had basic communication with Siemens. West module 1: macro analysis of carbon fiber and its composites plans to transfer the orders of steam turbine, generator and power station host (thermal power generation) equipment to Shanghai Electric for production, with a total scale of 13million kW

in 2008, the output of steam turbine generator, steam turbine and boiler of Shanghai Electric achieved 28.68 million KW, 27.03 million KW and 24.86 million KW respectively. Li Chongguang, the Secretary of Shanghai Electric, said yesterday that the company hopes to have overseas orders of 20billion yuan in 2009. "In the first quarter of this year, overseas orders (from us) have reached 13.3 billion yuan." However, he admitted that the domestic thermal power equipment orders received by the company in the first two quarters of this year were lower than that in the same period last year

Shanghai Electric said in an interview with CBN that the company has not received orders from Siemens since this year. "We received two orders (from the other party) in 2008, and we had this intention at that time." He believes that the main reason for Siemens' subcontracting orders may be "cost reduction", while Siemens has not made clear its subcontracting intention to Shanghai Electric

previously, Siemens' main means of reducing costs were layoffs and cutting spending on information technology infrastructure and consulting. On July 8 last year, Siemens announced that it would cut 1675 jobs worldwide, equivalent to 4.2% of the total number of employees. While streamlining its organization, it would cut more than 1 billion euros in costs, covering areas such as transportation, aviation, home construction, textiles, etc. For this, we Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. also thank our new and old customers for their support to our company. The layoff plan is unprecedented for Siemens, which has been established for 160 years

it can also indirectly increase efficiency through subcontracting production. "At present, the cost of power equipment in China is 3000 to 4000 yuan/kW, and 5000 to 6000 yuan/kW overseas. If the order is transferred to China, Siemens' cost will be reduced to a certain extent." One researcher commented

Zhan Chunxin also told CBN that over the years, the parts and machine manufacturers of several major international machinery giants have spread all over Europe and the United States. After the outbreak of the financial crisis, they will be unable to bear the same high management, manpower and operation costs as before. "The manufacturing center of this industry must turn to emerging markets. Just as coastal enterprises want to develop in the mainland, this kind of industrial transfer is unstoppable."

however, shenwenchun, a researcher at Galaxy Securities, holds another view. He said that Siemens' practice of transferring a large number of orders to Shanghai Electric does not rule out the possibility that its orders are large and other overseas factories have no time to undertake them. On June 22, Siemens just announced that it expected the announced global economic stimulus plan to bring about 140billion yuan of new orders from fiscal 2010 to fiscal 2012

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