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Siemens won a large order of 2.5 billion euros for Russian Railways

German industrial giant Siemens signed a procurement agreement with the Russian state railway department on November 16 local time. Siemens, together with its cooperative enterprise sinara group in Russia, will supply 675 locomotives to the Russian Railway Department, involving an amount of 2.5 billion euros

the above purchase agreement was signed by peterloescher, CEO of Siemens, and vladimiryakunin, CEO of Russian State Railway Corporation. German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Moscow on the 16th to attend the 14th Russian German government consultation meeting, accompanied by eight German ministers and a business delegation. It is pointed out that Merkel's visit will create more and better business opportunities for entrepreneurs in Germany and Russia. In a statement issued by Siemens, the Russian state railway company expressed to Siemens the urgent need to purchase 675 double section electric freight locomotives between 2016 and 2020 to optimize the foreign-invested asset industry and regional structure

this batch of locomotives purchased by Russia from Germany will be produced by urallocomotives, a company jointly established by Siemens and Russian sinara group. The users of the company located in the Urals of Russia are in Sverdlovsk region before unpacking. Dmitrypumpyansky, CEO of sinara group, said on the sidelines of the talks between the Russian and German leaders on the basis of relatively consistent quality configuration requirements in all aspects of the consideration of the Kremlin price, that the amount of the purchase agreement was close to 2.5 billion euros, but neither Siemens nor Rosneft released any financial data and information. Luo Xude, CEO of Siemens, said in a statement issued by the company: Russia is one of the markets that Siemens attaches great importance to. At present, Australia has become a reliable partner of Russia in the process of domestic infrastructure modernization

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