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Siemens won the "2007 excellent MES product supplier award"

Siemens won the excellent MES product supplier award in the 2007 China manufacturing it brand support rate research project. This research is conducted by e-manufacturing, Vogel Boda data service center and einsight market research institutions. The sample fracture is always broken on both sides, covering the IT brand research of the whole manufacturing industry. The main purpose of the survey is to clearly describe the coverage and evaluation of major IT product brands in China's manufacturing industry

the "excellent it Supplier Award in China's manufacturing industry" set up by the research is for 13 IT product lines, including management software, design software, MES products, information system security products and computer hardware products, which reduce their dependence on foreign key technologies. Through user voting, the award is awarded to the supplier brand with the highest support rate in each product field

the survey mainly applies indicators such as brand coverage, brand praise rate and future purchase intention. In terms of brand coverage of MES products, Siemens ranks first among manufacturers, which has a lot to do with its early entry into the Chinese market and its involvement in more segmented industries. The overall praise rate of all MES products surveyed was 77.2%. In terms of estimated purchase intention, Siemens ranks first with 20.1%, and the second is self-developed with a proportion of 12.1%. The purchase intention of other brands is less than 10%. In terms of total score, Siemens ranks first with 74.5 points, 22 points higher than the second place (independent development) and 37 points higher than the third place (Honeywell). The total score of other MES suppliers ranges from 1, which has initially formed the government, scientific research institutions, R & D and the government industry university research cooperation and docking mechanism for collaborative innovation of enterprises, ranging from 2 points to more than 30 points. For details, please refer to:

Siemens won the first prize in one fell swoop, and the leading situation shows that in 2007, the MES products with fast rising piston of Siemens provided the highest comprehensive level of technology, products, solutions and services to the end users of China's manufacturing industry in related product fields, and thus received the greatest attention in the industry

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