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Siemens will abandon the public charging pile business of electric vehicles

Siemens issued a statement on September 3, saying that as the electric vehicle market is becoming more and more depressed, which is far lower than our expectations, we will withdraw from the public charging pile field of electric vehicles. At present, Siemens is looking for a resettlement plan for employees affected by this matter. This statement declares that the public charging pile business of Siemens electric vehicles, which has existed for three years, will come to an end

In October 2010, Siemens Energy Inc., a subsidiary of Siemens, announced the launch of electric vehicle charging stations for commercial, civil and government use. Soon after, Siemens said it would sign an agreement with a city in China to build electric vehicle infrastructure, but sources said that due to the sluggish market, the progress of the relevant agreement was not smooth, or even stagnant for a time

the same situation occurred in Germany, the headquarters of Siemens. Although according to the official plan of Germany, Germany will have 1million electric vehicles by 2020, only 4157 electric vehicles were newly registered in Germany last year, with a total of 7112 electric vehicles. In Siemens' view, due to poor market response and high R & D costs, the production of electric vehicle charging piles is basically unprofitable

however, Siemens will continue its business in the field of home charging piles. At the same time, the company will continue to develop motors for electric vehicles and research and development of wireless charging technology for electric vehicles

the spokesman of Siemens said that Siemens' mobile business and logistics department have more than 10000 employees, but the proportion of personnel involved in the charging station business is very small. However, for the global electric vehicle infrastructure field, the impact of Siemens' exit cannot be ignored

be cautious when using it. Before, due to the adoption of specific fiber oriented technology, a major reason for the downturn in the electric vehicle market is that the charging infrastructure is not enough to operate according to the market, and the number of multinational companies involved in this field is not large. Before that, better place in Israel was forced to go bankrupt, and ecotality, the most important infrastructure operator in the United States, was also on the verge of bankruptcy. Now, Siemens has also abandoned the public charging pile business. How should consumers who once had doubts about electric vehicles remind you here

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