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Lockwood pigment solaplex series extends its service life. New pigments appear at 2010 International Rubber and plastic exhibition

2010 International Rubber and plastic exhibition will be held in Shanghai on April. Lockwood pigments will introduce a new member of the solaplex series pigment family for plastic and paint products at the exhibition

in order to meet the customer's demand for orange paint, Shaanxi Huaze, a wholly-owned subsidiary of high-performance Red Ribbon company, and Xingwang holdings signed the "framework cooperation agreement on jointly investing and establishing a joint venture and financing the construction of Xi'an new material project" in Xi'an on February 23, 2016, Lockwood, a leading manufacturer of high-grade inorganic pigments, developed a new 34h1004 product. At that time, Lockwood will introduce the perfect performance of this innovative product to purchasers, suppliers and manufacturers in the global plastic related industry at booth w3m51 (haolide pigment booth)

compared with 34h1003 orange pigment, solaplex34h1004 bright orange pigment has a more obvious and bright red effect. Lockwood pigment color varieties have taken a step forward to the pure yellow and orange series with red color after half a year of use

"our new bright orange pigment is the crystallization of many extensive experiments carried out by new factories in the UK." Helenhatcher, Lockwood's global marketing manager, said. "Our customers have begun to test market this new hue and make every effort to promote its excellent performance. According to the positive feedback we have received so far, consumers have unique views on the new trend of color and demand more products with good thermal stability and wide compatibility."

Ms. Hatcher believes that the early launch of solaplex34h1004 technology is not only due to the new trend of color choice of consumers, but also due to the economic formula of mixing bright color particles with other high-performance pigment ingredients. Now, the orange color space, which has always been very challenging, has been fully expanded, which can produce more bright and pure pigment products without affecting the performance

solaplex series pigments are innovative products of inorganic pigments, and their chemical properties make up for the defects of Lockwood colorplex composite metal oxide pigments. Solaplex pigments are environmentally friendly products that can replace other pigments containing lead, cadmium or chromium. This product is applicable to a variety of polymer working conditions, especially engineering polymers and reactive polymers that need to be treated under high-temperature processing conditions. In addition, solaplex pigment has excellent durability, weather resistance, optical rotation resistance, chemical resistance and does not contain harmful substances. It is an external plastic. "We choose covestro as an excellent choice for the company's new name packaging, toys and a variety of applications.

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