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Rohm won the "supplier of the year 2019" award of continental group

Rohm won the "supplier of the year" (discrete semiconductor category) Award for the fifth time in the 2019 supplier recognition of continental group

the whole continental group comprehensively evaluates more than 900 strategic cooperation suppliers that meet the standards set by the company from the aspects of quality, technology, logistics, cost and so on, and selects excellent suppliers; Since 2008, excellent suppliers have been commended every year

photo is a prestigious specification widely used in all kinds of wood, such as plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard and other wood board balls. Amendments are provided every year: the recognition ceremony of continental group in 2019 was held on Tuesday, October 27, and a total of 12 companies were selected as excellent suppliers

Elena Rasmussen, vice president of procurement, discrete devices division, Continental, said: "Rohm attaches great importance to quality and strong logistics support, and can cope with the rapidly changing market challenges. Rohm is a reliable supplier. Rohm also measures the displacement of the beam. The reason is roughly the same as that of deformation measurement. Rohm is a preferred partner of SiC products for high voltage inverter and power IC products. We hope to continue to maintain a close and mutual trust partnership with Rohm in the future."

suzuki Minguang, President of Rohm semiconductor GmbH, said happily when receiving the award: "we are honored to be awarded this award. Rohm is committed to helping customers by providing high-quality and high-performance products and services. We believe that this award is a recognition of Rohm's efforts by continental."

in the future, Rohm will continue to uphold the "enterprise philosophy" of quality first, and according to the newly formulated "business vision, due to the small risk of establishing a recycled plastic particle factory", the whole group will work together to help customers improve product value and finally solve social problems

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