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Roland launched a larger new desktop flat-panel UV printer

on September 24, 2013, Roland launched the new versauvlef-20 as a supplement to its desktop flat-panel UV inkjet printer product series. This product is convenient for users to customize promotional products, gifts and prizes, and is more suitable for product designers and enterprises that produce UV Physical printing for the packaging and original design market

since its launch two years ago, the revolutionary lef products have opened up new innovation possibilities for these enterprises, realizing direct physical printing on various solid, greener and environmentally friendly materials, said kojiowada, R & D Manager of Roland. Now we have raised this technology to a new level. In addition to expanding the printing area, we have introduced a new LED curing system, advanced eco-UV ink and optimized printing control technology, which has greatly improved the production efficiency and overall performance of lef

lef-20 can be printed directly on materials up to 508mm wide, 330 mm long and 100 mm high. The powerful UV-LED lamp is much faster than the old curing ink. Compared with lef, which requires a certain strength, oxidation resistance and aging resistance, etc. 12, the printing speed of lef-20 in CMYK and gloss mode is twice as fast

the innovative UV LED lamp immediately solidifies UV ink, enabling users to print directly on various substrates, including pet, ABS, polycarbonate, t-wire change experimental machine Pu, *2 leather, cloth, and three-dimensional items, including golf balls, key chains, pens, metal shells of tablet computers, smart cases, prizes/handicrafts, consumer goods, etc

lef-20 is characterized by the use of Roland CMYK, white and transparent ink eco-UV ink to achieve white images and texts with wide color gamut, brightness and high occlusion density, as well as high-quality gloss and relief effects

in order to ensure safety and reliability, lef-20 adopts a fully enclosed structure with super sealing, which protects operators from ultraviolet radiation during printing and prevents dust from falling on the material surface. The flat design of lef-20 can automatically adjust the distance between the print head and the material surface, so as to achieve the best print quality

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