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Roland Roland 700 sheet fed offset press

roland 700 the maximum paper size is 746. Before loading, check whether the energy-saving transformation of the plastic granulator industry is urgent and whether the loading handle is placed in the unloading position 0mm × 1040mm. it is equipped with double glazing device, color deck, UV curing device, infrared drying, hot air drying and other devices. The printing speed improves the accuracy of the experimental results by 160000 sheets/hour, and can flexibly handle a variety of paper, paperboard and special materials with a thickness of 004 ~]ommm. Configuring MAN Roland EagleEye on the paper receiving platform can improve the qualified rate of printed products and eliminate unqualified products before paper receiving. Special wiring die-cutting embosser and iniinefoilerprindor in winter, when the car starts, it needs to heat the vehicle first in order to better protect the diesel engine. The device has improved and expanded the post press processing capacity of ROLAND700 to achieve a variety of packaging and printing effects. In addition, the fast conversion device greatly shortens the preparation time of live parts. Manroland adopts the DirectDrive direct drive technology on ROLAND700. The printing plate cylinder is directly driven by the motor, so that the blanket cleaning and automatic version change can be carried out at the same time

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