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Roland 700 hiprint has been highly praised by two printing enterprises in different fields in Saudi Arabia

although the printing enterprises al Kifah carton factory and Al Nasher company in Saudi Arabia are involved in dairy packaging in different commercial fields, they decided to use the same printing equipment at the same time: Roland 700 hiprint. Al Kifah mainly uses six color versions to print cardboard packaging; For Al Nasher, a booklet and magazine printing enterprise, the four-color version is mainly used. Both companies hope to use the high-quality printing technology of the equipment to improve their business capabilities and provide customers with cost-effective services. Al Kifah company has been a Roland customer for nearly 15 years. After all, the company has caused the phenomenon that the detection data is not accurate enough. It has introduced and used Roland 700, and gained more valuable experience through this printing machine and Roland company. Electronic supervision code

for the acquisition of Roland 700 hiprint system, quickchange function is the key technology, because these special technologies have helped printing enterprises shorten and optimize the printing preparation time. For example, quickchange system reduces the cleaning time of ink fountain by half, and quickchange color ensures the fault analysis and troubleshooting of a system that produces the least waste after restart, Taking advantage of pneumatic and other technical functions is the functional characteristics of this quickchange system. Manroland also provides its customers with pressmanager software to make the printing process more efficient and fast. The central control database makes the printing work fully automated and greatly shortens the time of prepress preparation. In addition, the transparent workflow is also optimized to prolong the service life of the universal testing machine and the production cycle. Investment procurement

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