The hottest Rog MoBa 3, the ninth generation Intel

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Rog MoBa 3 9th generation Intel Core i7

this Rog MoBa 3 9th generation Intel Core IH rtx2060 is recommended by the great gods of notebook computers. Someone in the back planted this notebook and has used it for a period of time. Sharing how you feel about using this MoBa 3 may help friends in the back choose reference

I. real use evaluation of MoBa 3:

at first glance, this Rog MoBa 3 feels good in texture, beautiful in appearance, plastic shell, good inside and outside. It starts up for about 3S, and Master Lu's comprehensive score is more than 40W. The workmanship is different. 3 The operation of the middle crossbeam in the opposite direction is wiredrawing. The texture is great. The screen is 144ips, and the three dimensions of the narrow frame are not large. The performance is enough. The frequency converter of the running speed electronic universal experimental machine plays a very important role in the experimental machine. The degree is almost not stuck, and the fan sound is also within the acceptable range. Playing games is very smooth, and it is not stuck under high image quality. It is generally satisfactory. Friends in need, please click here to view more user comments on the details of advantages and disadvantages>

II. Price quotation of MoBa 3:

[JD] Rog MoBa 3 (i7 released the recommended catalogue of national industrial energy-saving technology and equipment (2017) and the "energy efficiency star" product catalogue (2017) - 9750h 16g 512gssd rtx2060 6g)

JD price: ¥ 12999.00

snap up link:

III. configuration parameters of MoBa 3:

IV Magic "report" pointed out that other users of Ba 3 commented:

1. I have seen a lot of computers bought in college. They are relatively cost-effective, which is lower than HP, but the brand is high. The computer itself is also very good-looking, and it is very smooth to use. That is, I don't play games very much, so it's easy to use. I bought Rog to comment, and it's also very handsome, Ba, the magic light is invincible, and I hope I can find an object for my sophomore, hahaha

2. It took several days. It's very cool. There's basically nothing wrong with playing games. Watchdog 2 has super picture quality and no pressure. Although it's MoBa, it's also this year's real fragrance machine

3. The first recharge belief, ghost cry 5, the highest effect is stable at 110fps, and the temperature is 70~80. More popular models recommended by Rog MoBa

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