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Manroland value-added printing has entered Shenzhen in China to open up a bright future.

Manroland, which has been successfully restructured in Shenzhen, continues to show its brand cohesion with a long history of nearly two centuries with its passion for excellence and innovation. In order to promote the value-added printing solutions with competitive advantages to more customers and help them realize high-efficiency and high-energy value-added printing as soon as possible, Manroland launched a series of activities of value-added printing in China. The third event came to Shenzhen. MAN Roland joined hands with Shenzhen Wanshun color box Paper Co., Ltd. to explore the bright future of packaging and printing with customers in Shenzhen and even Guangdong. 3 Putting the pendulum on the support with a wooden block fully demonstrates the new opportunities created by kostron for the development of sustainable lightweight products in the future by using continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites

At the meeting, Chen Shunming, general manager of Shenzhen Wanshun color box paper products Co., Ltd., first delivered a speech and delivered a speech. As a printing enterprise integrating design, creative planning and printing, we urgently need high value-added printing solutions to help us stand out from the fierce price war. President Chen said that Roland is the world's top printing machine manufacturer. They not only provide us with excellent printing equipment, but also bring us all-round value-added printing solutions. With the help of such excellent business partners, we can plan strategies and easily deal with various challenges

with the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for high-quality printing in China is also increasing day by day. China's manufacturing industry not only marks the increasing demand for printing products, but also needs high-quality packaging printing and commercial printing to show the world-class characteristics of its products. Huang Zhuohua, general manager of MAN Roland printing equipment department, pointed out at the event that in the face of increasing production capacity, printing enterprises are facing fierce competition, which leads to declining profits. Printing enterprises should not increase in quantity, but more importantly, make breakthroughs in quality, so as to avoid endless price competition. Top performance management, VAP value-added printing, printvalue printing value and innovative business model advocated by Manroland are the key

Mr. Huang Zhuohua, general manager of Manroland printing equipment department, emphasized the importance of top performance management, VAP value-added printing, printvalue printing value and innovative business model when attending the event.

top performance management, as the name suggests, is to enhance overall performance. To become a top high-performance enterprise, we must take all aspects into account, that is, top technology, top organizational structure and top personnel

vap value-added printing, with the concept of faster service, higher efficiency, better quality and wider application, improves production efficiency and product value, and realizes sustainable production and sustainable profits while reducing costs

printvalue printing value, covering: printservices printing technical support, providing customized 24/7 services and maintenance service packages, as well as integrated services and training measures; Prin will immediately improve TCOM pudekang printing materials after finding out any questions, and provide a comprehensive system solution, including a series of certified printing materials; Printnetwork printing system, providing professional software and process management system; And printadvice printing consulting, providing professional consulting services, involving investment and construction planning, organization and management, system engineering, process optimization and other aspects

the innovative business model is to set up market benchmark and improve profit margin according to the characteristics of the enterprise. For example, lead printing by investing in advanced technology and consolidate its leading position; Enhance customer loyalty; Launch your own brand; Business diversification; Wait

then, according to the previous praxisdialog practice topic mode, Manroland's sales representatives from different departments successively interpreted Manroland's comprehensive printing solutions to the participating customers, including: the development trend of the packaging and printing market, Manroland's efficient packaging and printing value-added printing solutions, Manroland's excellent value-added printing technical support services, and Manroland's excellent prepress printing material solutions

finally, MAN Roland also organized customers to visit Shenzhen Wanshun color box paper products Co., Ltd. and gave a live demonstration of Roland 700, the best-selling model in the field of packaging and printing, so that customers can personally experience the practical application of MAN Roland's differentiated value-added printing scheme of printing equipment. At the same time, through the successful experience of Shenzhen Wanshun color box paper products Co., Ltd., more peers in the industry can understand the true meaning of value-added printing, Embark on an efficient and high-energy value-added printing journey as soon as possible. We are printing

praxisdialog practice topic

a new form of activity created by MAN Roland, which will gather printing experts from all sides to discuss printing challenges and opportunities. Through value-added printing and differentiation strategies, help customers embark on an efficient and high-energy journey

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