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Manroland praxisdialog practice thematic activities were carried out

the first round of Suzhou, Hefei and Nanjing stations was carried out smoothly, and received great praise

2009 is a year of opportunities and challenges. How to survive in adversity and how to seek development in challenges will become the main problems faced by printing enterprises. Seeing this, Roland man sounded the horn of the journey of value-added printing in China. In the first round, praxisdialog practice topic: Roland value-added printing journey, breaking through the siege and seizing the first opportunity seminar was held in Suzhou, Hefei and Nanjing, so as to demonstrate the competitive advantage brought by differentiation strategy for distinguished customers in East China

At the seminar, Roland Mann specially invited authoritative experts from the industry as speakers to comprehensively analyze how to break out of adversity and seize development opportunities for the majority of printing manufacturers. First of all, Professor Zhao Zhiqiang from Beijing Institute of printing analyzed in detail the challenges and difficulties faced by the printing industry at the academic level, and discussed in depth how printing enterprises can realize value-added printing and enhance their core competitiveness. Professor Zhao believes that only by establishing the strategic concept of value-added printing, making full use of differentiation strategies and relying on value-added printing equipment and technology can printing enterprises turn crisis into opportunity, achieve better quality, faster service, better application and higher benefits in the severe market competition, and seize the development opportunity with the advantage of value-added services

(in the opinion exchange session of praxisdialog practice topic, industry experts and MAN Roland's sales team gathered to have on-site exchanges with customers, and the response was enthusiastic. From the left: Liu Anming, deputy general manager of MAN Roland printing equipment department and general manager of Shanghai company, Huang Zhuohua, general manager of man Roland printing equipment department, Zhou Chen, sales manager of central China of MAN Roland printing equipment department, and Zhao Zhiqiang, Professor of Beijing Printing Institute.)

(the seminar was full, praxisdialog practice topic: Manroland value-added printing journey, breaking through the siege and seizing the first opportunity. The seminar was an unprecedented success!)

then, from the perspective of professional technology, Zhou Chen, sales manager of central China of MAN Roland printing equipment department, shared with you through practical application cases how MAN Roland helped printing manufacturers successfully realize differentiation strategies, helping customers stand out under severe competitive pressure and seize development opportunities. Take Roland 700 hiprint printing machine as an example. Through different value-added configurations, it can bring customers faster service, higher efficiency, better quality, wider application of value-added printing solutions, and comprehensively enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises, so as to easily defeat competitors and win business opportunities. Manroland's value-added printing configuration includes:

1. Ppl (power plate loading) automatic version change device: horizontal, circumferential and diagonal registration are completed by the central console, which greatly improves the speed of version change and revision; The time printing plate can be reused, and the zero position of the plate holder can be automatically restored to improve the production efficiency

2. Job ticket job card: minimize the loss to customers caused by inserting orders, improve the efficiency of equipment, and help the production department easily allocate the operation of the printing workshop

3.3b plus format: the format size is 780mm x 1050mm, with an additional width of 40mm and an additional length of 10mm, which improves the output of the substrate; Experimental speed: 5 mm/min for some substrates, the increased output even reaches 20% or more; In addition, it can be used as a larger format packaging product, further improving the overall production efficiency

4.inlineinspector online detection system: it can be more stable for ink, scratches, creases, oil stains and water stains Online inspection shall be carried out for obvious color difference, and automatic nozzle shall be provided at the paper receiving part, or quality inspection shall be carried out in cooperation with online waste discharge device to ensure that the finished product is free of waste; At the same time, it can find defects in products at the first time, timely remind operators and display the specific location of defects, and well control the scrap rate; This can greatly reduce the occurrence of returns and claims by picky customers

5. ICs (inline coater smart) online optimization glazing device: Roland 700 hiprint with more than five units can be configured with this device, which can convert between printing and water-based glazing in a very short time, greatly improving the flexibility of the equipment; At the same time, for some products that need UV glazing after ordinary printing, online priming can be carried out, and UV glazing can be carried out directly after the combined drying of the paper receiving part of the equipment, which greatly improves the production efficiency

6. ColorPilot: This is the fastest color control system on the market. It only takes 12 seconds to scan the printed sheet and complete the color adjustment in 2 seconds; It can print the first marketable print in a very short time, which is more obvious for hard to print live parts; In the production of long orders, the batch color difference will not be caused by different captains or the same captains' different judgments of color in different environments, and the color difference can be strictly controlled within the range of non calibration

7.quickchange fast conversion: it can improve the production efficiency by 30%. Among them: quickchange coating fast conversion glazing can realize the conversion between UV glazing and water-based glazing of the printing machine within 15 minutes; Quickchange surface fast conversion ink bucket surface can reduce the time required to clean the ink bucket, and support the rise of small metal varieties such as antimony, titanium, tungsten, etc; Molybdenum price drops by 50%, and cleaning agent can be saved; Quickchange color fast color conversion can reduce the waste sheet generated when printing, and can use different ink path structures when printing with large field or special ink; Quickchange job quick change movable parts can automatically adjust the height of the gripper bar on the feed drum and the paper conveyor

8.inlinefolder prindor online cold pressing device: cold pressing can avoid the problems caused by secondary registration, and can carry out high-speed production at the same time, with a speed of 13000sph; Can be very fine bronzing, such as some thin lines or text; Hot before printing, UV printing can be carried out on the surface of anodized aluminum

9. UV printing: wider application range and better quality, including wine boxes, cigarette boxes, cosmetics packaging and the cover of high-end magazines; In addition, a plastic sheet printing device can be configured for UV printing on the plastic sheet

10. Telepresence Dalitong remote control diagnosis system: regularly supervise customers to maintain the equipment, and improve the stability and service life of the equipment

at the same time, MAN Roland also invited typical local customer representatives to the meeting in person and shared their practical experience as speakers. Among them, the customer representatives of Suzhou, Hefei and Nanjing are: Huang Guoping, chairman of Suzhou Printing Factory Co., Ltd., Zheng Yingchuan, chairman of Hefei Xinghua Printing Co., Ltd., and Chang Qingfeng, general manager of Jiangsu Xinhua printing factory

through the wonderful speeches of experts and the practical case analysis of MAN Roland, the guests at the meeting expressed that they had benefited a lot, and also deeply realized the importance of differentiation strategy. Facing the increasingly severe competitive pressure, whoever is the first to be different will win customers and market. Roland hope that through its excellent quality and advanced concept in the printing industry, it can provide every customer with differentiated solutions with market competitiveness and work together for a better tomorrow

the three seminars attracted nearly 300 printing peers to participate. Praxisdialog practice topic: Manroland value-added printing journey, breaking through the siege and breaking the foreign monopoly in the high-end manufacturing field of power transmission and distribution, the seminar achieved unprecedented success. Manroland will hold more similar seminars in the future to share experiences and exchange experiences with friends in the printing industry and help them embark on an efficient and high-energy printing journey

praxisdialog practice topic

a new form of activity created by MAN Roland, which will gather printing experts from all sides to discuss printing challenges and opportunities. Through value-added printing and differentiation strategies, help customers embark on an efficient and high-energy journey

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