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Rockwell's new white paper discusses the business case of manufacturing integration

Rockwell's new white paper discusses the business case of manufacturing integration. Rockwell Automation studies how to integrate traditional individual functions and systems within enterprises to promote globalization, productivity, innovation and sustainability, thus helping companies achieve plant wide optimization

the integration of manufacturing industry - the integration of traditional individual functions and systems within the enterprise - will help manufacturers solve key market driving forces such as productivity, globalization, innovation and sustainability, so as to break through severe economic obstacles. This is what Rockwell has described in its two latest white papers by using a variety of analysis methods such as images, computer simulation and mechanical data

integrating manufacturing and production systems with other parts of the company will help companies achieve plant wide optimization, higher strategic priorities: business performance of the life sciences department, transforming resources into assets, and finding unique opportunities to gain competitive advantage. These two white papers discuss the latest cases and trends of manufacturing convergence and identify potential areas of opportunity

the first white paper, entitled "manufacturing integration: Research on factory optimization in various economic fields", discusses how manufacturing integration and advanced technology can help manufacturers who focus on the future to achieve prosperity in all aspects of the economy. This white paper provides some cases about how leading manufacturers use the core categories of manufacturing convergence - information, communication, control and power - to achieve their goals and gain competitive advantage

the second white paper, entitled "practices and trends of manufacturing integration: views from suppliers and customers", summarizes the results of the group discussion, which includes executives from Cisco Systems, Dassault syst è MES DELMIA, Microsoft, Alcoa, general mills, PepsiCo USA and Tetra Pak. These industry leaders provide their views on the business value of integrated technology, which aims to connect supply chains, factories, distributors and customers

the white paper mentioned that in order to be successful, manufacturers must expand their focus, no longer limited to production, but to be able to more quickly push innovative products to the market, meet the needs of customers in the global market, and produce in a safe and sustainable way. This transformation requires new manufacturing processes, but it also forces future oriented companies to integrate various functions of manufacturing and enterprises throughout the supply chain

about Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation Co., Ltd. (nyse: ROK) occupies a leading position in the field of global industrial automation power, control and information technology solutions, and is committed to helping customers improve their competitive advantage. Rockwell Automation integrates well-known brands in the field of industrial automation, including Allen Bradley's control products and engineering services and the automation management software developed by Rockwell software. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Rockwell Automation has branches in more than 80 countries and currently employs about 19000 people

Rockwell Automation in China

in China, Rockwell Automation has more than 1600 employees and 28 sales agencies (including Hong Kong and Taiwan). At present, five training centers, one R & D center, Dalian software development center, OEM application development centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, and Shanghai production base have been established. The company has actively cooperated with dozens of authorized channel partners and 36 key universities in China to jointly provide a wide range of world-class products and solutions, service support and technical training for the manufacturing industry

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" listen think solve "(listen, fall in love, fall in love), which aims to better show that Rockwell Automation is committed to listening to customers' needs, with the automation technology experience of best plugging in the power supply, industrial control and information solutions to solve customers' problems, and provide help for customers' success and growth

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