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Difference between "strip threading" and "glue injection" thermal insulation aluminum profiles

tooth opening: a device with a hard gear is used to roll the part of the aluminum profile that needs to wear the thermal insulation strip out of the teeth. The purpose is to increase the roughness of the profile by hobbing, so as to improve the shear force of the combined profile. Since the profile is divided into internal and external parts, according to the needs of production, there are generally two gear opening equipment

threading: it is to thread the thermal insulation strip onto the profile and connect the inner and outer profiles to prepare for the next rolling. One device is enough

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rolling: this process is divided into three steps: guiding and pre clamping, main clamping, and straightening (horizontal and vertical). It is the key to ensure the tightness and verticality of the finished profile until the indicator lights up

(2) "pouring process" refers to the straight-line movement of the surface treated aluminum profile through the walking system, so that when the thermal insulation groove of the aluminum profile passes under the pouring head of the pouring machine, the liquid thermal insulation material flows into the thermal insulation groove, and then the bridge is cut after solidification for a period of time

comparison between "threading" and "pouring" thermal insulation materials

(1) the thermal insulation material of "threading process" is the thermal insulation strip. At present, the formal thermal insulation strip is polyamide 66 (that is, Polya mide66 under the "push" of different light sources, commonly known as nylon 66). Its production methods are two: hardtop method and traction method. The hard top method has tight structure and good appearance but is "brittle". The traction method has good toughness but poor appearance, and there are process pits on the side. In order to pursue the beauty and precision of the surface, PA66 nylon plus superfine glass fiber is the common feature of foreign insulation strips (other materials are rarely used). Due to the use of ultra-fine glass fiber, the difference in tensile strength is only 60n/mm, and the price is expensive

(2) at present, the thermal insulation material of "pouring process" is mainly "interconnection + polyurethane thermal insulation adhesive", which is generally composed of resin component and isocyanate (ester) component

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