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The direction of carton machinery enterprises is to develop carton back-end processing equipment. Some experts in the industry pointed out that focusing on the development of carton back-end processing equipment is the direction of carton machinery enterprises in the future. Only in this way can they meet the needs of China's increasingly international market and account for 51.76% of China's total nonferrous metal imports. Corrugated board post-processing equipment is an important part of carton production. All large and small enterprises should eliminate the small equipment used to process cardboard, and reconfigure and strengthen the subsequent processing equipment according to the market business volume, so as to make it more prominent. For example, the newly established carton enterprises in Shanghai basically adopt the mode of purchasing cardboard to produce cartons in the subsequent process, with less investment and overall improvement of the quality of cartons. These Plexiglas components also have other potential benefits. The adjustment in East China is fast, low cost and good benefit. The quality of domestic and foreign packaging in many developed countries is exactly the same. However, China has long focused on the quality of export packaging and the production facilities for processing paperboard, and has low requirements for the technology, process and grade of subsequent processing equipment

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