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What is the difference between Midea water purifier jt100 and DT100? Midea DT100 is better than jt100

Midea water purifier jt100 and DT100 are two of Midea's top selling water purifiers. There is no difference of ± 1% in configuration and function (the actual value is more than ± 0.5%). The main reason is that the time of listing is different. You can choose one according to your personal preference. My family uses this DT100. This DT100 water purifier is very beautiful, with full marks in appearance and good quality. I particularly like it! What's more, you can drink as much water as you want. It's clear at a glance. It's simple and applicable. The only drawback is that every time there is left water, you will alarm. Then you pour it out. You think it's a waste of water. It's a pity. I hope Midea can continue to improve the shortcomings of the product. The overall feeling is very good. It's high-end and practical At present, there are some problems in wood. Generally, it fully affirms the five key improvement points, such as the impact of the quality of recycled materials, the melting of iron tools into the liquid aluminum, the melting of shelling hammers into the liquid aluminum, the anodizing of the blanking port, and the melting of the rust skin of phosphorus iron steel claws into the liquid aluminum

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detailed quotation and comments on Midea water purifier jt100 and DT100:

1. Midea water purifier jt100:

reference price: ¥ 2998.00

user comments: the water purifier is very good. There are six kinds of water temperatures. It is much more convenient to drink water. After filtration, the water is much better than the previous tap water. The service attitude of customer service Pu'er is very good. All the questions raised have been patiently answered and must be praised

2. Midea water purifier dt100:

reference price: ¥ 2598.00

user comments: I seldom evaluate the product, but I finally decided to place an order for this product after many comparisons and repeated consideration. This drink purifier has a high-end appearance, exquisite workmanship and high appearance value. This kind of plastic wood composite material is a kind of green environmental protection material that can save energy and protect the environment. Just after receiving the goods this afternoon, it was installed and cleaned according to the instructions. The instructions are very intuitive, concise, simple to operate, pure and transparent water quality, and taste very good. The six-level water temperature is convenient, fast, and very considerate. It is really a small cotton padded jacket at home, which must be praised by five stars

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