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The degree of component differentiation determines the success or failure of seed packaging machine

[China Packaging News] the consumption mechanism and consumption psychology of Chinese society have almost formed a consensus in the industry. In short, when Chinese people buy mechanical products, the higher the end, the more they believe in imported goods, and buying imported goods means less risk. People often say that the quality of domestic parts is poor, but in fact, there are many domestic brands with excellent quality; But when it comes time to buy, some people just won't consider domestic brands. However, how the consumer market reacts is not the key to the problem. In the final analysis, it is still a matter of quality. If the quality of your products is really excellent, the door to the market will certainly open for you. For example, the quality of the general-purpose parts produced by China Erzhong Group is not far behind that of the international products. Many brands of China's extruder industry have favorable conditions for foreign trade export. For any project in which it participates in the bidding, the international brand competitors generally have to reduce their quotations

over the years, the development of reformers and light parts in China's packaging machine industry has enabled people to intuitively see those very appetizing food trends, making the general parts enterprises insufficient in the early stage and weak in the later stage. There is a big gap between domestic parts and international brands in terms of product quality and production consistency. Wear resistant peek is a special engineering plastic with good comprehensive performance. It does not mean that it is a lot worse at any point, but a little worse in many aspects. In general, it is a lot worse. The reason for the development of the packaging machine industry is also related to the impetuous atmosphere of the whole Chinese society. People always pay attention to the same things. It's almost the same here and there, but it's much worse in the end. The quality of domestic parts and components is not good because of various factors. Even if the imported production lines and raw materials are used completely, it is difficult to guarantee the quality. Changing this development pattern requires Chinese packaging machine enterprises to persist in continuous innovation and research and development of new product technologies

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the continuously developing market and enterprises make the requirements of seed packaging machine simple, high productivity and supporting. It is also analyzed that the indicators that should be paid special attention to when selecting the tensile machine for testing soft packaging materials are perfect and more automatic. The future powder automatic packaging machine will cooperate with the industrial automation trend to promote the overall level of equipment in the packaging industry. New intelligent equipment such as high intelligent numerical control system, encoder and digital control components, power load control have been widely used in seed packaging machinery and equipment, making equipment users more independent, flexible, correct, efficient and compatible in the operation process

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