The dilemma and failure of the hottest corrugated

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The dilemma and breaking resources of corrugated packaging determine the development direction

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core tip: the continuous game between the paperboard factory and the paper mill: how the paperboard factory can purchase and import base paper from the single soldier operation to the Corps operation, while the paper mill studies all day long how to control imported raw materials, how to consume small domestic paper mills How to offset the impact of imported base paper, so as to strengthen the voice of price

zero processing fee operation: the paperboard processing fee is up to because of large production capacity and less homogeneous competition Loss margin of 1 yuan/square meter

the new capacity is gradually released. The high inventory of the paper mill has become a factor to suppress the price of finished paper. In order to quickly remove inventory and recover funds, the paper mill had to choose to make a substantial profit and reduce prices

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II. The dilemma of the carton factory

great pressure on price reduction: the recent continuous reduction of base paper prices has led to strong and urgent demand for price reduction from downstream carton users

it is difficult for a single carton factory (Group) to reverse the situation: even if the annual sales of a single carton factory (Group) reaches 12billion, it is only 2% of the overall market in China. Such a highly dispersed carton Market and the high concentration of the top 30 upstream paper mills are difficult to effectively form a voice, and become the market pattern

most enterprises attribute this problem to the wear change of the corrugating roller. "Nguyen said that different damage states can indeed affect the utilization rate of the base paper, but this is only one of the factors

breaking the situation: innovation breaking the situation and Trend Outlook

I. breaking the situation

de capacity optimization supply side: optimize the existing capacity through industry integration, so as to eliminate backward enterprises and backward capacity and move towards high-quality development

make good use of the industry cycle theory: the development of the industry has its own internal laws and the ups and downs of the general situation. "The cycle law should be used to adjust the pace of operation. Do not be too optimistic when optimistic

risk control and layout: the current depressed market emphasizes risk control (bad debt control) and internal management improvement (efficiency improvement and cost reduction). The relationship with peers has changed from competition to market competition to time-consuming preservation of viability. Surviving the low tide is the profit period. N -- total number of revolutions of the disc during the experiment (5000 revolutions)

although the Sino US trade war has eased somewhat, the macroeconomic environment is still not optimistic, and the pressure on the paper industry is still on

II. Trend Outlook

but in fact, this is impossible. The near-term outlook of base paper price: the price bottomed out to 3600 yuan/ton in April. Because of national policy factors, it is difficult for paper mills to hype and significantly raise paper prices in the short term. The current low paper price is still higher than 2600 yuan/ton before October 2016. The benchmark price of waste paper is 2000 yuan/ton, which is difficult to lower. The bottom price of tile paper should stay at 3000 yuan/ton

another possibility of base paper: in the recent period, the waste paper has been continuously reduced. After the paper factory has prepared enough waste paper inventory, the price of waste paper has been rapidly raised to foil the rising price atmosphere. In May, with the opportunity of the corresponding market demand recovery, the base paper price has been sharply increased to increase profits and compensate for the profits and losses in the first quarter

continuous game between the paperboard factory and the paper mill: how the Paperboard Factory conducts the game from individual combat to corps combat, and then focuses on the purchase of base paper and imported base paper, while the paper mill studies all day long how to control imported raw materials, how to consume domestic small paper mills, and how to offset the impact of imported base paper, so as to strengthen the voice of price

the increase or decrease of base paper utilization rate is converted into the actual amount, and the proportion of incentive amount is formulated to motivate the production department

this method will play a great role in stimulating the enthusiasm of employees, monitoring and reminding between employees and between processes, and improving the ability of employees

what is an excellent secondary carton factory like

for example, the single factory situation of an international carton group is that the ratio of board to carton in the whole factory is 1:9, of which 90% of the cartons are about 40% group customers and 50% are small and medium-sized local enterprises. The vast majority of profits come from 50% of small and medium-sized carton customers (providing accurate, high-quality and efficient differentiated services). There are about 200 carton customers and about 200 cartons a day

no matter how much the base paper refuses to drop and how the waste paper fluctuates, the downstream paper price is going further and further down the downward slope of demand reduction

it can be said that hope coexists with crisis, depending on how you choose to go? Stick to a principle on the road of choice, "determine your development direction according to the amount of resources you can master, and the one that suits you is the best"

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