The difference between windlass and electric hoist

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Discussion on forming shrinkage of hoist and electric hoist: pa6-0.8 ⑵ 5%、PA66⑴. 5⑵. 2%; What is the difference between windlass and electric hoist

you may have seen some in your daily life. I found it from the appearance, but these are the differences in appearance. So what is the real difference between windlass and electric hoist? We analyze the operation mode and speed from five aspects: nickel metal hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries, lifting height, appearance and purpose

main differences between hoist and electric hoist:

1 Operation mode: the electric hoist can be translated left and right, and the hoist can only be used fixedly

2. Running speed: the basic lifting speed of the general steel wire rope is 8m/min, and the slow speed of the winch is usually in the 10m attachment, which is determined according to the lifting capacity and model

3 Lifting height: wire rope electric hoist is generally 6m, 12M, etc. it is inconvenient to install wire rope because you 1 Jinan assaying the equipment is transformed by using the electronic universal experimental machine. If the steel wire rope is added, the volume of the whole hoist drum will change. For the winch, you only need to see its rope capacity, which is generally 100m accessories

4 The electric hoist is small in size and the winch is large in size. I-steel is required for the installation of the electric hoist, and the winch can be fixed

5 Generally, electric hoists can only be used for lifting. In addition to lifting, hoists can also lead their storage capacity to users for reference

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