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Modern balcony decoration has also become a focus of home decoration. Some small houses have limited indoor space. At this time, if you can make good use of the balcony, you can create a comfortable and warm home. When transforming the balcony, people usually choose to transform it into an independent study, and the bookcase is the key to the study. Here are the key points of balcony bookcase decoration with Xiaobian

key points for balcony bookcase decoration: pay attention to corrosion prevention

everyone knows that furniture placed outdoors is very easy to wear and tear, such as wind and rain, sun and rain, etc. At this time, when designing the balcony bookcase, we have to pay great attention to the anti-corrosion performance of the bookcase. On the one hand, we should strengthen the tightness of the balcony, install curtains on the balcony to avoid the long-term exposure of the sun, and on the other hand, we have to brush the surface of the bookcase with anti-corrosion paint to achieve the effect of anti-corrosion

the second key point of balcony bookcase decoration: pay attention to size and style

when designing balcony bookcases, we also need to pay attention to the size of bookcases. After all, the balcony is a relatively small space. If it is transformed into a study, the size of the overall bookcase should also be adjusted accordingly. In addition, the decoration style of the balcony bookcase must be consistent with the overall decoration of the balcony, so as to reflect the overall effect of home decoration

three points for attention in balcony bookcase decoration: tone and shape design

the color used in Shu country on the balcony should be bright and soft, and multiple colors cannot be mixed. Too complex color matching will make the balcony space appear crowded, and bring people varying degrees of depression at the same time. The integrated modeling of desk and bookcase is often used in the design of balcony bookcase

four points for attention in balcony bookcase decoration: placement and wall decoration

balcony bookcase is generally set according to the wall in the decoration design, which can make more reasonable and effective use of the whole space, make the balcony space layout look more reasonable, and make the overall effect of the home look more harmonious and consistent. Use warm wallpaper on the bookcase wall to decorate, making the space appear more warm

this is the introduction of Xiaobian to the key points of balcony bookcase decoration. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more, please pay attention





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