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Why are there so many leftover men and women in society now? Maybe some of them can't find their other half because their own conditions are not good, but you should know that many of these leftover men and women have very good conditions, but why are these people alone so far? At this time, everyone should consider whether there is a problem with the decoration of their own homes

if a person's geomantic omen is not good at home, it is easy to cause problems in love luck. In this way, it is naturally difficult to find his other half, and the reason for the bad geomantic omen in his home is likely to be the problem of decoration geomantic omen. Therefore, here, the geomantic master of Xiang'an Pavilion geomantic network wants to talk to you about the decoration geomantic problems that affect love luck

These bad decoration and geomantic omen will make your love unhappy</p>
<p>it has been a well-known thing that stones containing a certain amount of radioactivity will endanger human health. According to the natural stone quality supervision and spot check report recently released by the relevant departments, nearly 5% of the samples in 57 batches of products failed to pass the test because of excessive radioactivity. In China, where the amount of stone is increasing at a certain rate every year, the radiation of stone The demand for sexual testing services has also increased year by year. In this regard, ingel testing, which has many years of testing service experience in related fields, believes that the radioactive testing of stone materials is very complex due to the diversity of its testing objects, but it is also in stable development</p>
<p>according to experts from relevant departments, although stone has become the preferred building material for many home decoration because of its hard texture and diverse colors, its radioactive substances are colorless, tasteless and imperceptible, which erode the human body for a long time and chronically, causing headache, dizziness, fatigue and even cancer. In the face of the current situation, the increased demand for radioactive detection services is limited by the instability of radionuclides contained in stones, and complex detection technologies and instruments need to be used for detection services in different environments and different periods of time</p>
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