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When the decoration of the new house is completed, we naturally expect to live in it immediately. However, it is very disturbing that the newly built houses often have a peculiar smell. Whether it comes from the wall paint or the newly bought wooden cabinets, people just want to hold their breath and make the new house out of reach. If you don't want the new house to have a smell that doesn't drift away and is harmful to health, of course, it must be fundamentally improved, so pay special attention to the paint and materials used in the decoration at the beginning

1. Choose a paint without peculiar smell to cure the root cause

everyone is afraid of paint smell. In this demand-oriented era, manufacturers are trying their best to improve, and have launched clean taste environmental protection paint to meet the needs of consumers. So when decorating and painting the walls of new houses, whether you do it yourself or invite an interior design company, remember to use this kind of products. Take Nippon Paint Jingwei 120 series latex paint as an example. It can quickly purify the flavor, and it is a real clean flavor without adding chemical essence. It is environmentally friendly and safe. It is the first choice for people who want to live in a new home immediately. In addition, for newlyweds who plan to have babies in recent years, they should decorate the children's room in advance. The class I antibacterial and formaldehyde decomposition functions of Nippon children's paint are very safe and environmentally friendly for newborns

2. Purifier or activated carbon purifies the air

choose the right paint, but what about the peculiar smell brought by furniture and floor? Then take some auxiliary measures. For example, after paving the floor and placing new furniture, you can install an air purifier to circulate the air, or put two pots of salt water indoors to absorb the odor, and there will be no odor soon. In addition, purchasing activated carbon is also one of the feasible methods. Using the adsorption effect of carbon to adsorb benzene, toluene, xylene, ethanol and other substances can quickly and effectively achieve the effect of eliminating odor

3. Planting and purification can beautify the home

finally, taking into account the practice of economic benefits and beautifying the living space, just add a few pots of plants for the new house! All plants, such as Gerbera, ivy and hemlock, can absorb carbon dioxide and formaldehyde in the air through photosynthesis, so as to keep the indoor air fresh. If you want to add a sweet atmosphere of love to the wedding room, you can put red pomegranates to add happiness and effectively reduce the lead content in the air; Or choose two vibrant green plants, Chlorophytum comosum and aloe, which can eliminate formaldehyde and purify the air; There is also a small and lovely Qilixiang, which can effectively absorb the pollution of chemical smoke





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