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Many friends are asking all kinds of questions about choosing wallpaper. Today, Magnolia wallpaper experts come to solve your doubts one by one

one of the rumors: "if there is a smell, it is synthetic paper"

not all paper-based PVC wallpapers have a taste, nor are all paper-based PVC wallpapers with a taste. Some non-woven fabrics and pure paper wallpapers have the same flavor, including imported ones. Whether there is taste depends not only on the material, but also on the ink. No matter what wallpaper is printed with ink; Smell does not mean that formaldehyde exceeds the standard. Many inks have taste. In addition, formaldehyde has a pungent smell, but benzene, xylene and other benzene derivatives have a fragrant taste, so sometimes you find that a product has a little flavor, which does not necessarily mean that the product is good

rumor 2: "high end wallpaper feels fine, while general chemical wallpaper feels coarse"

the smooth and delicate feel is not only non-woven fabric, but also the characteristics of pure paper wallpaper. PVC wallpaper can do the same. For this reason, many businesses sell flat printed PVC wallpaper as pure paper wallpaper, and many people are deceived. Many people like wallpapers. What they like is the texture and three-dimensional sense of wallpapers. If they are not rough and bumpy, they cannot reflect the texture and three-dimensional sense. Therefore, the wallpaper that doesn't feel rough is bad

rumor 3: "good wallpaper is resistant to scrubbing, and poor wallpaper is not resistant to scrubbing"

in fact, the paper-based PVC wallpaper is the most resistant to scrubbing. The non-woven pure paper wallpaper will fuzz if rubbed too much. If it is Korean pure paper, it will be scratched if rubbed too much. The degree of scrub resistance of wallpaper depends on the material first, and the process second. If you want non-woven and pure paper wallpaper, you must make some sacrifices in the degree of scrub resistance; There are certain differences in physical properties of wallpapers made of different materials, which is why there are so many kinds of materials in the market. There is no absolute difference between good and bad, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages

myth 4: "natural wallpaper has no black smoke and strange smell when burning, and the dust after burning is also white; if it emits black smoke and odor, it contains plastic walls"

this is right, but if there is black smoke when burning, it does not mean that the wallpaper is not environmentally friendly. Non woven cloth also has smoke when burning, and wood is as black smoke when burning, as long as it does not release toxic substances under normal use

rumor 5: "cut a piece of soaking in water, and after 12 hours, if the wallpaper does not appear layered and fade, it is basically qualified."

the wallpaper with the most blister resistant is also the paper-based PVC surface. More than ten or twenty years ago, the wallpaper was all constructed in soaking in water, because at that time, the wallpaper was all PVC foam wallpaper, which was not too hard to soak in water and could not be pasted. Pure paper wallpaper is the easiest to rot, but it can't be said to be bad

it is worth mentioning that the environmental protection of Magnolia wallpaper is the biggest highlight to attract consumers' attention. The raw materials of Magnolia wallpapers are selected from the best materials in the world with the highest standards of quality and environmental protection. Not only the most environmentally friendly non-woven base paper in Belgium, but also the most environmentally friendly water-based ink in the United States, which avoids the invisible pollution to the indoor environment caused by the widespread use of low-end base paper, non-woven paper, domestic PVC, domestic ink and other materials in China. It is a veritable environmental wallpaper





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