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Yafei wallpaper father's Day × In the middle of 618, we went to the national Yafei wallpaper store, and the whole venue was five fold, and the deposit doubled


Sunday, June 16, father's Day

the strength of a mountain

the power of mountains

the majesty of a tree

the majesty of a summer sun

the warmth of the summer sun

the wisdom of the ages

the wisdom of time

all these qualities ities combined

it&39; S called - Dad

all these qualities are mixed together

he called it


he is the superman in our hearts

but he is also a plain mortal in life

when we were young, we rode on our father's shoulders to see the world

grew up, and companionship is the most precious gift to our parents

from June 03, 2019

until June 21, 2019

. father's Day × 618 mid year promotion

go to the national Yafei wallpaper store

the whole venue is five fold, the deposit is doubled

mid year promotion, new customer gift bag, 618 factory rush day

618 activities continue to be hot

prepare a healthy and attentive gift for Dad

green environmental protection

safety warranty

zero formaldehyde

Yafei wallcovering protects the health of your family

Yafei wallcovering cooperates with world-renowned designers, with original design, flower protection, fashionable colors, cutting-edge technology, Through the trinity of "customization of R & D and design, customization of standard services, and customization of collocation schemes", we have created a new fashionable living space, and established the status of Yafei wallcovering as a high-end customized wallcovering in China

(image and text source: Yafei wallcovering, invasion and deletion)





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