The hottest paper industry enters the cold winter,

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The paper industry entered a cold winter, nine dragons plummeted for three consecutive days, and waste paper was completely paralyzed on the 20th

release date: 2018 displacement z=0 source: Luo

on November, nine dragons in Quanzhou adjusted the waste paper price to 150/ton for three consecutive days, and the waste paper prices of 60 paper mills across the country, such as Shanying and Liwen, were also adjusted down. At the same time, Anhui MAANSHAN Shanying paper and Jiangxi Jiujiang Liwen paper raised the price of waste paper by/ton At the same time, we have learned that the 24th batch of waste paper import quota has been announced, and only 139995 tons have been approved. Only Shanying will carry out mill commissioning in December, and Jianhui two enterprises have been approved. C919 is China's first trunk civil aircraft developed in accordance with the latest international airworthiness standards. This year, the total nuclear quantity has reached 18.146296 million tons, while the actual import volume of waste paper announced by the latest paper association is only 1553d metal printing Fullerenes, etc. are the achievements of new material innovation, 0 million tons, which means that there will be a gap between the amount and the actual import

recently, the overall paper price continues to show a depressed pattern, the market upside down phenomenon is serious, and the flat demand leads to the obvious pessimism of channel information. Accelerating cash and reducing inventory have become the main motivation of channel merchants

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