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European paper prices rose slightly and pulp prices were weak

according to the report of the Foex index company, European pulp prices were weak, with NBSK falling from US $553.76 to US $549.71 per ton, down US $4.05; BHK fell from $540.39 per ton to $531.24, down $9.15; BHK's euro price also fell from 453.92 euros to 448.99 euros, lower than the listed price of 450 euros

in terms of paper, only evangelical paper increased from 741.03 euros per ton to 743.67 euros, an increase of 2.64 euros; A4b copy paper fell 8.56 euros; Light coated paper fell 1.4 euros. Paper rose slightly in Europe and the United States, with a rise of 0. 5% per ton in Europe Avoid using solid tools to settle 37 euros, and the United States rose by $0.56

The surface quenching hardness is hrc58 (6) 2

the European pulp price NBSK has fallen below the list price of $560 per ton by $10, and in mid May, it once rose to the peak of 559.19, and then fell for two consecutive weeks; NBSK in the United States has maintained the price of US $580 per ton for the fourth consecutive week due to sudden heat cooling

since this year, NBSK in Europe has increased by $109.71 per ton, and that in the United States has increased by $100 per ton, up 24.9% and 20.8% respectively; BHK Europe has increased by $80.03 per ton, up 17.7%; In Europe, it rose by only 13.42 euros per ton, up 3.1%

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