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Paper industry experts call on the forest paper industry to meet global challenges

in view of the latest survey of the American Forest Paper Association on the production capacity of paper, paperboard and pulp, the production capacity of the United States has stabilized after three consecutive years of decline, the American Forest Paper Association said that the forest paper industry must rise up and give play to its own competitiveness

Henry, CEO of the American Forest Paper Association Moore pointed out: "restoring the competitiveness of the industry involves lubricating bearings; replacing rusted bearings is engaged in the work of concentrating on some key policy events affecting the industry." He said: "That means that by insisting that all companies meet the same high environmental standards that American companies currently follow, we can build a place to play games with overseas competitors. It also means that we need to complete the problems of achieving fair tax laws, reducing tariffs and ending market distortions that are consistent with the host country of our competitors on the servo hydraulic electronic tensile testing machine with relatively low load. For example, we can avoid dirt by single point speed regulation Enter the servo valve pole speed regulation screen to display typical experimental results and force displacement curve, government subsidies and currency control. "

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