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Paper furniture is currently appearing in the domestic furniture market

a new furniture made of cardboard has been launched in the furniture market. The design of this new product cleverly uses the mechanical principle to make it have enough strength. At the same time, the surface of paper furniture is coated with protective paint. After special treatment, the two fatal weaknesses of paper furniture, namely, being overwhelmed and being afraid of water and moisture, are solved. This kind of home space can also be painted into various colors, such as natural primary color, warm red, elegant white, stable black, etc

paper furniture is not uncommon in some foreign furniture markets, and it has also begun to show the style of vigorously implementing high-end strategy in China's market. It is reported that the load intensity of the paper chair is as high as 600 kg, and other paper furniture can also withstand 90 kg of weight and more than 100000 impacts. Paper furniture also has the texture of wood and textile, giving people a comfortable and comfortable feeling. The paper bed, paper table, paper chair and other series of furniture seen in the market have the functions of waterproof, mildew proof and moth proof after special processing, and also have quite high strength. Although the hardness of paper furniture is lower than that of solid wood furniture, it is more safe because of its light weight, and the price is much cheaper than metal and wood furniture. It is an environmental protection product of "sustainable development". Make the pull rod be connected with the swing rod have the displacement of R

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