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Paper industry: benefiting from the appreciation of the RMB

the recent sharp appreciation of the RMB, and the ratio with the US dollar has been close to the line of 1:7.87. Since the exchange reform, the cumulative appreciation of the RMB has exceeded 3%. Affected by this, airline stocks and real estate stocks rose sharply, and Air China, which once fell below the issue price when power supply was restored, increased by more than 63%. In the context of continuous appreciation of the RMB, the potential of relevant sectors to benefit is still huge. The author believes that particular attention can be paid to the paper sector, which benefited from the appreciation of the RMB but did not perform well

the profit margin of the paper industry is rapidly improving

80% of the cost of the paper industry is pulp, and most of China's pulp depends on imports. China is an important net importer of pulp and waste paper in the world. From previous data, paper and paper products have become the third largest foreign exchange commodity in China, only second to oil and steel. According to the data, if the output of domestic wood pulp is not increased, according to the current level of the world's net export of wood pulp, by 2010, the amount of wood pulp that China needs to import will account for more than 60% of the global net trading volume of wood pulp. The appreciation of RMB will make the import of pulp, waste paper and other important raw materials cheaper for domestic paper-making enterprises, which will help enterprises reduce costs from scratch. On the other hand, due to the backward equipment of China's paper-making enterprises, which can not meet the technological requirements of high-end paper production, a large number of foreign production lines have been introduced in recent years. In 2004, the foreign exchange volume of China's imported paper-making equipment reached 1.388 billion US dollars. The appreciation of RMB will reduce the import cost of papermaking equipment, thus reducing production costs and financial expenses, and improving the profitability of enterprises. Based on the current cost of the paper industry, it is estimated that a 2% appreciation of the RMB will reduce the cost by about 0.5%, increase the gross profit margin by about 3%, and increase the total profit by more than 9%. Since last year, the RMB appreciation space has been close to 3%, which also indicates that the profit margin of the paper industry is improving rapidly. And the increasing demand for paper and other paper will bring new opportunities to the paper sector

mainstream funds Jiancang paper stocks

is precisely affected by the continuous appreciation of the RMB, and the performance of domestic paper enterprises has also improved significantly in recent years. The performance of important enterprises in the industry increased by 6.24% in 2004 and more than 40% in 2005. In terms of quarterly reports, although the growth rate has slowed down compared with last year, the total performance has shown a steady upward trend. Compared with the average level of the market, the performance of individual stocks in the paper industry is obviously much better. Huatai's earnings per share in the third quarter reached 0.6 yuan, and Bohui paper also reached 0.4 yuan, both of which have increased significantly

from the perspective of market trend, the early trend of individual paper stocks is relatively low, which obviously becomes a good opportunity for mainstream funds to build positions in the market. According to the quarterly report, there are many institutions behind the mainstream paper stocks, and funds, QFII, capital insurance and so on are all held by adding positions. The top ten circulating shareholders of Huatai shares are all institutional funds, accounting for 13.76% of the total circulation, and Yueyang paper industry is concentrated to increase the warehouse of the above material characteristics to 29.01%

it is worth mentioning that Zhang Yin, chairman of Nine Dragons Paper, has become China's first richest woman. I don't know if you have paid attention to it. The hot sectors of the stock market always follow the richest man. When the contacts represented by Ding Lei were the richest man, Haihong holdings, Shanghai Meilin and variety arts shares rose sharply; Later, Huang Guangyu of Gome became the richest man, and stocks such as Suning appliances, Dashang shares, Hualian integrated supermarket and other hypermarkets became white horses again; Shi Zhengrong, who engaged in solar energy last year, became the richest man, and Tianwei baobian, a stock that is equivalent to the concept of solar energy, became the biggest dark horse. In addition, it is worth noting that many people in the real estate industry have entered the top of the rich list, so Shenzhen Vanke and other real estate stocks have also performed well. Therefore, the paper sector is also expected to become a hot market in the future. In addition, the recently issued sun paper has an issue price of 16.7 yuan, and its listing will also become one of the active factors in the paper sector in the near future

selected gold stocks: Huatai shares (600308), Jingxing paper (002067), Fujian Nanzhi (600163). Yu Lei

source: Northeast Securities

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