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China's first clean fuel management measures for vehicles were recently issued

recently, it was learned from the development and Reform Commission of Harbin, Heilongjiang province that the "management measures for the use of clean fuels in vehicles in Harbin" was recently issued and will be implemented from November 1. This is China's first local regulation on the management of the use of clean fuels in vehicles

under the new situation of the development of new energy vehicles, the promulgation of the "measures" provides a legal basis for Harbin to regulate the management of the use of clean fuels in vehicles. The Measures specify that clean fuels include other vehicle fuels except gasoline and diesel, which are conventional fuels for vehicles, including compressed natural gas, liquid traditional aerogel production technology, natural closed main power supply and cold water main valve gas, liquefied petroleum gas, alcohol, ether, biomass diesel, hydrogen fuel and mixed fuel (except ethanol gasoline mixed fuel), etc. The measures stipulates that the site selection of clean fuel filling stations must meet the safety and planning requirements, and the site selection must pass the evaluation of environmental impact, safety and other aspects

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