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Paper industry: growth under barriers and improvements

since the middle of last year, the growth of fixed asset investment in the paper industry has accelerated, and the new supply will increase in the second half of this year, which will be most obvious in the main difference between the hydraulic universal testing machine and the control system of the servo testing machine for the automobile engine shell of wanduotong 1: coated paper and cultural paper. At the same time, affected by the uncertain economic outlook, the demand for all kinds of paper is weakening periodically, and the relationship between supply and demand is temporarily unfavorable. It is expected that increasing the elimination of backward production capacity before the third quarter will have a beneficial impact on low-end cultural paper

barriers and business improvement are the two thematic factors that bring about performance growth in the second half of the year and beyond. Among them, the leading business model has built up barriers to competition, including the integrated packaging service model of mayingsen and the integrated supply model of the professional data resource library of solid materials such as plastics, metals and plastic additives, the prospector sabaku platform of qixinwen UL; Guanhao high tech is the story of business improvement

the opportunities of the paper industry are mainly not in the trend, but in the valuation, that is, underestimated opportunities

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