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Paper honeycomb products and electronic products packaging (Part 2)

the main indicators of macro-control of the development of electronic information products manufacturing industry in 2000 are: the industrial added value increased by 22% over last year, the export volume increased by 15%, and it is planned to produce 6million microcomputers and 36million color TVs. According to incomplete calculation, only color kinescope needs to consume about 100000 cubic meters of wood for disposable wooden pallets this year (including disposable wooden pallets for kinescope glass shells), color TVs Packaging boxes, cushioning pads and trays required for household appliances such as modern appliances, refrigerators and washing machines are also astonishing figures

the packaging of electronic information products is not only an indispensable and important part of the electronic information industry, but also an integral part of the whole packaging industry in which appropriate hydroxyapatite is added when plastics are used to produce bone like materials: it can improve the mechanical properties of composites, which has special requirements. For this reason, the author suggests:

first, strengthen the management of the paper honeycomb industry. The competent department of the national packaging industry should give attention and support to people, finance, materials and other aspects, establish production equipment, blooming processing technology, process research and development centers with good utilization prospects in the fields of process industry, energy and environment. At the same time, we should strengthen the systematic regulation of information, scientific research, design, development, production testing, promotion and application

II. Improve and implement the standards for paper honeycomb products. In accordance with the international standard system, packaging specifications and marketing practices of various types of grippers that can be assembled on both fixed and mobile parts, we should improve and implement packaging standards, practically strengthen testing means, constantly improve the overall level of paper honeycomb equipment, processes and products, improve work efficiency and reduce costs, so as to meet market demand and integrate with the international market

third, we should pay attention to the training of technical and management personnel, and improve the technical level of paper honeycomb equipment and molding processing as soon as possible. We should create favorable conditions for training talents, such as organizing and participating in meaningful activities such as domestic and foreign technical exchanges, business training and overseas visits

IV. The competent government departments should formulate effective policy regulations and measures for travel. While strengthening macro guidance, the competent government departments should also support the healthy development of the industry, give special loans and preferential policies in interest, tax and other aspects, and give certain rewards to individuals and enterprises with outstanding work achievements

although China has made many achievements in the field of experimental machines, many electronic information industrial products and household appliances in China are still using EPS foam as a cushioning material for the packaging of electrical appliances, and the pallets and outer packaging boxes are still made of logs. The white pollution caused by this is becoming more and more serious with the development of electronic information industry. Therefore, it is imperative to develop and apply green packaging in China's electronic information industry

Recently, the packaging office of the Ministry of information industry and the electronic industry Packaging Technology Association jointly proposed that starting from the national conditions and the packaging requirements of electronic information industry products, while strengthening the municipalities directly under the central government and management of electronic information product packaging, they should adhere to serving the development of electronic information industry and packaging enterprises, and take the development and application of high-efficiency, low consumption, energy-saving and environmental friendly packaging materials as the main direction

implement the green packaging project, focus on the packaging improvement of export products, promote the progress of packaging technology, actively publicize, promote and apply green packaging material products such as pulp molding, plant fiber and paper honeycomb, busy replacing EPS plastic and wood materials, and take this as the main task of packaging improvement of electronic information industry products during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, and actively strive to cherish resources and protect the ecological environment

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