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According to the guiding ideology of the national 12th Five year development plan, bulk commodity e-commerce and the construction of e-commerce transaction service support system are the key areas to promote. The plan requires that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the scale of e-commerce transactions between enterprises needs to exceed 15 trillion yuan, and most of the transaction volume should be completed through the third-party e-commerce transaction service platform. E-commerce can not only improve the operation efficiency of the entire pulp and paper industry supply chain, but also make up for the shortcomings of the traditional business model by introducing new business models, so that the pulp and paper industry can adapt to the development needs of the new situation. Therefore, the state will fully support and promote the development of e-commerce in the pulp and paper industry. At the same time, with the continuous development of China's B2C and B2B e-commerce development environment, the space within the distance from the box wall (100 ~ 150mm) is unusable, and the space is perfect. The environment for the development of e-commerce in the papermaking and paper products industry has been quite mature

the paper industry has made rapid progress with the help of e-commerce.

in the early stage of e-commerce development, e-commerce, which takes one-way information release and dissemination as the main form, is divided into e-commerce 1.0 era. During this period, e-commerce can provide a variety of market information services for the paper industry, including market conditions, analysis, industry, etc. The e-commerce station of paper industry can establish a fairer and more transparent market system environment for the huge industrial chain, and it is preliminarily pulping 3 Users can establish a more direct way of communication through after-sales consultation on relevant technical issues, papermaking, paper traders, and downstream paper enterprises, so as to quickly spread industry information, bring opportunities for enterprise development, and constantly drive the development of papermaking trade, thus accelerating the flow of industry products. With the continuous improvement of the informatization level of the whole industry, the demand for e-commerce of enterprises in the paper industry has exceeded the single demand for one-way information release and dissemination. Therefore, the e-commerce 2.0 era, which takes information flow as the core to organize people flow, logistics and capital flow, and emphasizes transaction matching, came into being

Mr. Liu, a business analyst of Guangdong pulp and paper exchange, mentioned that e-commerce enables the paper industry to optimize the existing sales process, improve efficiency, expand the market and create benefits with the help of information technology and network technology, realizing the transformation of e-commerce in the industry from informatization to trading, so as to improve the market vitality of the industry and promote the market to be standardized, large-scale and efficient. 1 The benefits of using pressure testing machines are developing. Although information platforms and B2B e-commerce platforms that publish information and supply and demand information have been emerging in the pulp and paper industry, due to the large number of links such as pulp and paper production, warehousing, circulation and sales, the fragmented e-trade model can not solve the problem of high circulation costs, nor can it meet the bulk trade needs of customers. Therefore, the pulp and paper industry market urgently needs an e-commerce platform that can uniformly regulate the entire industry market, Further, it integrates industry resources, demand market, warehousing logistics and transaction funds, and provides comprehensive supporting services including pulp and paper spot trade, supply chain financing, logistics finance, comprehensive information consulting services, testing and certification integration, so as to meet the development needs of pulp and paper upstream and downstream enterprises

the new era of e-commerce has spawned a new form of paper industry

as we all know, the characteristics of the modern paper industry are different from the general consumer goods industry, but the technology, capital, resources, energy intensive basic raw material industry with significant economies of scale, continuous and efficient production. A large number of market demand and development bottlenecks have broken, so that the paper industry urgently needs to break through the traditional business model and bid farewell to the dilemma of low price, low added value and homogeneous competition. Based on the actual needs of the market, the service integrated platform of Guangdong pulp and paper exchange has simplified the traditional pulp and paper trading mode through e-commerce network technology and innovative financing services, established an efficient and convenient trading service system and information service system, and created an online auction style one to many bidding trading mode, providing corresponding supporting financial services and warehousing and logistics services, Then it solves the problems of industry circulation cost and capital pressure, strengthens the connection with upstream and downstream industries, and improves the market response ability and comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. With the in-depth development of e-commerce in papermaking and paper products industry, the production and marketing system of pulp and paper industry will undergo profound changes and enter a new stage of development

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