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The paper industry development policy will be issued

yesterday, we learned from the national development and Reform Commission that a new round of discussion has been completed on the paper industry development policy (draft, referred to as "development policy") and the outline of the 11th Five Year Plan for the development of the paper industry (exposure draft, referred to as "planning outline"). Scale and environmental protection will become important indicators for the development of the paper industry

I learned that the industrial department of the national development and Reform Commission recently organized the banking system to hold a "communication meeting on the development of the paper industry". At the meeting, representatives of the banking system discussed the problems existing in the development of China's paper industry, such as industrial safety, domestic and foreign capital financing, and how to support domestic enterprises to become bigger and stronger

people from the national development and Reform Commission told that China's paper industry is actually a capital intensive industry, and its development needs a lot of capital support. According to the data, the digital display electronic universal testing machine with an annual output of 100 yuan in China is suitable for the fixed assets occupied by the user value that only requires the force value, tensile strength, compressive strength and other relevant data. The paper industry is 89 yuan, the chemical industry is 80 yuan, and the petroleum industry is 82 yuan. According to statistics, there are more than 5000 small paper mills with an annual output of less than 10000 tons in China. There are many problems in them, such as backward production technology, simple selection of experimental conditions, low level of technical equipment, high energy and water consumption, poor product quality, serious pollution and so on

under the pressure of resources and environmental problems, the outline of the Eleventh Five Year Plan for national economic and social development specifically puts forward the requirements of "adjusting the raw material structure of the paper industry, reducing water resource consumption and pollutant emissions, eliminating backward straw pulp production lines, and implementing forest paper integration projects in areas with conditions". It is reported that the "development policy" and "planning outline" being drafted will fully implement the above requirements

it is understood that the "development policy" will propose to eliminate a series of chain reactions caused by overload, such as uneconomical production scale, backward technology, decentralized operation, serious pollution, and unable to control pollution or reach the standard stably

information source: Shanghai Securities News

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