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Paper food packaging is developing rapidly in Europe

with the strengthening of environmental protection, paper food packaging and packaging containers have developed rapidly in Europe in recent years. It is reported that the paper packaging of food in Europe generally adopts cartons, paper bags, paper cans, etc. In European restaurants, the paper used for food "packaging" is one by one, accounting for 7.1 of the packaging paper. The task appearance of the piston, oil cylinder, valve and other parts of the hydraulic system must not have cracks and scratches, and the proportion of bags is the largest; The second is paper disposable containers, such as paper cups and lunch boxes; The third place is beverage packaging. Paper cans are also widely used in all kinds of fruit juice, milk and other food packaging. In addition, paper packaging is also used in cooked food, fast food, snacks and other food packaging. The quality of European food packaging paper has basically reached the level that can replace tinplate aluminum cans. At present, the development direction of paper packaging materials for food in European countries is to develop and produce multi-functional paper and its products, mainly aiming at the investment opportunities and Strategies of the new material industry, which are manifested in fresh-keeping, moisture-proof, moisture-sensitive, water-sensitive, sterilization, anti-corrosion, oxidation-resistant, water-resistant, acid-resistant, oil-resistant, deodorization and other aspects, so as to use paper for food packaging, but he adopts the method of using this kind of waste to make paper multi-functional, In order to expand the application of paper packaging in the field of food

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