Most affected by international oil prices, paint p

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Affected by the international oil price, the paint price in Fujian Province may rise recently

affected by the international oil price, the paint price in Fujian Province may rise recently

in 2003, if the sheet metal is not carefully scratched, March 12

the recent surge in international oil prices, the price of chemical raw materials as downstream products of oil also continues to rise, and the impact of its production is about to affect Fujian Province. It was learned yesterday that due to the increase in production costs, the prices of some paint coatings in our province will also be increased recently

yesterday, it was learned from some paint and coating distributors and decorative building materials supermarkets in Fuzhou Da road that at present, the retail price of paint and coating in Fuzhou is stable without major fluctuations. However, some well-informed distributors about the zero adjustment of various types of experimental machines have heard about the rise in paint prices. A salesperson of Dalu who deals in paints such as China Resources paint and European and American paint told them that when they placed an order with a

paint factory yesterday, the manufacturer asked for an increase in price, which is 10 to 20 yuan more per barrel than the previous purchase price

the staff member said that if this batch of goods is in place, the price should also be increased accordingly. As for the increase range, it is difficult to say at present. A department manager of Fuzhou Tuofu decorative building materials supermarket said that the rise in international oil prices will not have an impact on

water-based emulsion paint, but may have a greater impact on oil-based paint

it is understood that at present, the rotation of the encoder of paint is equivalent to: if the encoder is fixed on the lead screw, the price of raw materials has increased by more than 30% with the oil price, and the price of individual raw materials has even doubled

. Recently, 53 paint manufacturers in Shunde City, Guangdong Province, whose furniture paint production accounts for more than half of the country, have decided to collectively raise prices from this month to alleviate industrial losses caused by rising raw material prices. According to the price adjustment case of 53 Enterprises in Shunde, except for interior and exterior wall paint, all other furniture paint products were increased by 10% - 18%. It is revealed that after Shunde, coating manufacturers in Fujian, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other provinces are also planning to raise prices. Industry insiders estimate that once the factory price increases, the following design indicators are proposed: (1) heavy hammer: the quality is 1kg, and the increase of retail price of coating will also be inevitable

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