Moshuo Sijie is actively seeking buyers. Everyone,

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Sijie is actively looking for buyers. Everyone, be quick

on September 23, according to Reuters, SJ is actively seeking buyers under the pressure of radical investor Elliott capital management

the report pointed out that in the face of Elliott's pressure step by step, SJ, an enterprise with a market value of $11.6 billion, had to choose the expedient of selling as a whole in order to avoid the tragedy of its business being peeled off layer by layer

according to insiders, Dell is also on the list of buyers that SJ is actively contacting

Elliott joined the shareholder team in July this year and planned the palace forcing activities, which eventually led to the departure of mark Templeton, the former CEO who had worked for 20 years

since then, SJ has been looking for ways to sell goto business. However, BDO manufacturers are also facing challenges. The source told Reuters that this plan is currently on hold, because SJ believes that the valuation of this business has not reached the expected level, while BYD, catl, Waterma and GuoXuan high tech rank among the top four in the country. After finding a suitable buyer, the overall output will be upgraded from the original threshold to standard sales, which should bring more ideal value returns

Elliott filed a complaint in July this year, believing that the operating performance of SJ was not ideal. The investment company also suggested that when there are too many oxide skins, goto and NetScaler web application delivery acceleration business should be put on the auction house for acquisition

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