Morning tips for the hottest epichlorohydrin marke

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Early tips of epichlorohydrin market

at the beginning of the week, the domestic epichlorohydrin market continued to show a downward trend, the market price was extremely inconsistent, the quotation was messy, the mainstream price tended to yuan/ton, the focus negotiation tended to the low end, the merchants' interest in entering the market was weak, the market was difficult to turn around near the end of the year, and the downstream epoxy resin market was also weak, and the ECH market showed a list, Downstream users pay more attention to the factory dynamics and the late market trend. At present, there are no new measures for domestic factories, some of which are on the sidelines. The price is still sticking to the changes of assembly and time flow, and actively expanding its use fields. At present, there are still different import policies. The market is expected to remain weak before the holiday

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