Morning tips of PVC market on June 24

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[June 24] early tips on PVC market

early tips on PVC: affected by the tight supply of goods last week, the market prices in East and South China continued to rise, but the wait-and-see mood in the downstream increased, and the firm offer was dominated by small orders. In the short term, the follow-up arrival of the market is mostly to meet the early orders, and the actual total amount of replenishment is limited. The tight supply situation in East and South China is difficult to change in the short term

the macroeconomic data is too empty, and the international crude oil continued to plummet on Friday, which will affect the trend of bulk commodities. At present, although there are few sources of goods in the spot market, high-level transactions are limited. Prediction Department 2. Then check whether the serial port line is connected with the computer. The high quotation in different regions or a slight return to the enterprise. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise in the country. Welcome to call for new advantages of common development of consulting business to accelerate the composition adjustment

this is because polymers are composed of long-chain molecules

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