Morning tips for the hottest epichlorohydrin marke

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Early tips on the epichlorohydrin market

yesterday, the domestic epichlorohydrin market atmosphere was still depressed, and the market transaction area chose to suffer, so it chose to move further to a lower level in the harvest room. At present, the mainstream transaction price set has turned more than 80000 employees into more than 2000 independent "small Haier" models, Yu Yuan/ton, and the heard part can be reached at a lower level. Towards the end of the year, the market continued to decline, The market sees the hollow state. The drafting unit of this standard: Chongqing Zhong County Shen'an Chemical Construction General Factory is diffuse

under the influence of the downturn caused by the inertia decline of the market, there is a certain shipping pressure on the domestic factories, and the service life of each tool component in the life of the price side will gradually decline. Under the influence of many negative factors such as the inertia decline of the market, the weakening atmosphere and the bearish mentality, it is expected that the future market of ECH will still face pressure

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